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Chapter 6: Secrets and Pies

It was the next morning and Shaggy had been thinking hard all the way to the Country Club, he needed to get some time with Velma before they started their investigations again. They'd already arranged to meet-up with Fred but he needed something to tempt Velma. Finally as he stepped out of his car an idea came to him and he sent Velma a message

Fancy a .14159? Shaggy felt quite pleased with himself for that, he showed Scooby who nodded his approval.

The reply came back seconds later

Love some, see you there.

Half an hour later Velma walked up to the home-made-pie stall. Shaggy waved at her from a table he had reserved for them, he got up and stood with her waiting to be served. Suitable quantities of pie in hand they sat back at table, put phones down next to each other and began to eat. Shaggy bided his time, as much as he wanted to talk about what he had seen there were the rules of pie etiquette to be observed, never disturb Velma when she's eating pie. Fred and Daphne never understood this but Shaggy did, pie was pie after all. Velma had picked a layered vegetable and mushroom affair with whole-wheat pastry while Shaggy went for the classic steak and kidney pie for him and Scooby. Etiquette also demanded that each try the others pie just to make sure it was suitable for the other. Finally when they were only crumbs remaining Shaggy spoke.

"Like your secrets out Vel."

"Which one of my secrets, that I sing trashy pop-songs in the shower at times?"

"You and Fred, like we saw you when you were walking up to the clubhouse last night."

"Why were you following me?" her voice was flat, a simple question not an angry accusation..

"We were worried about you; you've been acting strangely for some time now. We thought you might be in some kind of trouble and what with that plant creature about... we didn't mean to pry, if I'd known I'd have left you alone." Velma nodded, she had suspected as much.

"We were going to keep it a secret until we could work out how to handle Daphne or we couldn't hold it in for any longer. We've been seeing each other for a while now, it might just be a short summer fling, but… but I hope it's more."

"A fling? You're the least flingy person I know." Velma had to smile at that.

"Why can't I have a 'fling' with Fred, I've always had a crush on him... look he and Daphne haven't been together for ages now. He doesn't belong to her, yet she behaves like he does."

"She said she wants to get back together with him, but I'm not sure if that's the case…"

Velma sighed and cut him off mid-sentence "I know Shag. Look do you know why they split? Aside from her temper, she was not adverse to the odd 'fling' when she was still dating him. Nothing serious and nothing ever happened but it hurt him, really hurt him." Velma paused for a few seconds "Always getting what she wanted ever since she was a child and especially when she was teenager have all taken their toll. I do have a lot of sympathy for her, she's tried so so hard to break those habits; she really has. Now it looks like she'll have to learn the hard way."

"Yeah, the hard way."

"Shag I don't mean it badly, perhaps this is what she needs to finally make that change. I really don't want to lose Daphne as a friend, I've never had a real sister but Daphne…" her voice trailed off as the emotion came to the fore. He lent forward and took hold of her hands.

"OK, like calm down Vel, she's got a lot to think about right now, perhaps if she knew, like should I tell her?"

"Please don't tell her Shag. I'd love to clear the air with her but not just right now, we're both still on edge. We've been through too much together to break up over what happened in the diner but seriously after what happened there; if you told her… Shaggy I'm scared about what would happen, I don't want to end up in hospital and Daphne in jail." He could tell she wasn't joking, Velma genuinely feared for her safety, time to change tack.

"Like why Fred?"

Velma was silent for a while; finally she replied "He makes me feel safe, just so wonderfully safe."


"Safe enough that I stop thinking like a Dinkley at times," Velma looked rather sheepish, Shaggy would need some translation for this, they'd never covered 'girl talk' in his High School rhetoric classes.

A phone buzzed, Velma picked it up thinking it was hers.

"Wait Vel that's my phone."

"Missed you last night, see you this afternoon. xxxx D." Shaggy looked for a place to hide as Velma looked up from his phone "This is from Daphne, 'missed you last night' just what sort of lessons have you been giving the poor girl?"

"Emmmm," he could hear the blood singing in his ears.

"Shag-gy, I don't usually go in for gossip but for you I'm all ears. So why exactly are you going that funny colour?" said Velma with quizzical amusement while Scooby sniggered from under the table.

Mercifully Velma's phone rang. "Ugh, dad's finished digitzing all the old home movies of me as a baby, gotta go and nobble their internet connection before a clip of me sucking my toes becomes a YouTube sensation."

Shaggy and Scooby nodded, their faces solemn masks, they'd seen some of those and were the funniest thing on planet Earth. Whilst he didn't envy Velma her parent's obsession with digitising every second of her childhood had save him from answering some awkward questions.

"Well Scoob that went well, let's go see Fred."

"Rore rood?"

"Yep. hog roast time," said Shaggy taking out his phone, Scooby licked his lips; they should do more of these investigations.

Shaggy had arranged to meet Fred at the stall run by the local micro-brewery, it was pure coincidence it was hosting a hog-roast to promote their latest brew 'Floating Goat Ale.' As it was hours before either of them would be driving they got a couple of bottles each to have with their hog sandwich.

"What's on your mind Shag?"



"And you as like, an item."

Fred paused, he became quiet; Shaggy couldn't decide if he was annoyed or just thinking. Fred looked up and smiled slightly.

"So you finally figured it out then Shag, looks like I owe her ten dollars, she said you'd be the one to work it out."

"Well we had a clue, we saw you two emerge from the woods near the country club last night. We were just resting up after meeting with Wolfie."
Fred gave an embarrassed smile "Yeah that would have been a bit of a clue, thought you'd gone home."

"Thought you'd gone home, that's why we were there, we thought we be safe from you two sneaking up on us, so when we saw you two that evening it wasn't just to celebrate Velma's rescue."

"We had already planned to have a meal with both our folks."

"Meeting the parents?"

"Sort of, but a celebration was also in order."

"It sounded bad man; they gave me the creeps even from a distance."

"How many years have we been doing this mystery solving business Shag?"

"That's a tough one Fred, you know I was never that good at math or history," they both laughed for a few seconds then Fred grew quiet.

"I have never known Velma as scared as she was in that diner. Man it hurt so much seeing her like that. I owe you big time for being on the ball back there."

"So that's what Daphne meant when she said you were holding Velma 'that way'..." Shaggy paused; he could read the expression in Fred's face.

"That was just wrong Shag, Daphne didn't know what had just happened; she didn't even try to find out. But how she went for Velma..." Fred shook his head, Shaggy studies the expression on Fred's face, it was one more of disappointment than anger " what if I was holding Velma 'that way' it's up to us, not her. She's always got what she wanted ever since she was a little kid, and at times she still behaves like that."

"Like I thought you were made for each other."

"Everyone said we were but it just wasn't happening, sure it was great when we were at school all the attention and party invites, don't get me wrong we had a lot of good times together, but as things grew quieter I found that it just wasn't happening, for either of us. All the ingredients were there but it just wasn't baked right. Daph's an important part of my life; we've been through a lot, too much just to walk away, but not like Velma."

"So like when did this all start with Vel? It took me by surprise."

"One day I just looked at her and it all made sense."

"So how long has it been with you two?"

"Well just over three month, but I guess a lot longer than that. We've always had this odd way of knowing what the other was thinking."

"Man I remember at school you though Velma was a nerd-central pin-up."

"Yeah, there again I was only 16 and surrounded by cheerleaders."

While Fred and Shaggy were doing 'guy stuff' as the girls called it Daphne was also enjoying herself. She was in the spa and relaxation tent getting ready for a back massage. She slipped in through the privacy curtain partially undressed then lay face down on the massage table. She was due to meet up with Shaggy soon for nothing in particular but was looking forward to it and had even packed a picnic.

"With you in a minute, just mixing up your oils," said the masseur.

"OK, no hurry." While the masseur was preparing things Daphne started to listen in to the conversation taking place on the other side of the privacy curtain where a group of people, some of which she vaguely knew, were finishing their manicure.

"She isn't."

"She is, I swear it's all true."

"Pfff she wishes she was dating him."

"Ladies, the cameraphone never lies…" various ohhs and ahhs accompanied the showing of the picture.

"So she is dating him?"

"I told you in High School that Velma was the one to watch out for." Daphne began to pay a bit more attention; there was more than one Velma in High School when they were there; but not that many.

"That's for sure, not sure if it's 'official' though."

"I think it's pretty official, I saw them together at the club and she looked pretty loved up when they arrived, you know what I'm saying."

"You get stuck in there, 'bout time she saw some action."

"How long has this been going on?"

"Well I heard that she's been seeing him for a while now."

"She sure didn't mind losing her glasses when they were making out."

At the mention of losing glasses the penny dropped for Daphne, only one of the Velma's had a predilection for losing her glasses…

That our Velma they're talking about, she's got a boyfriend!? Why hasn't she told… oh yeah, the diner. She might have done already, wasted so much time obsessing over Fred lately. Wonder what a 'loved up' Velma looks like? Daphne realised she wasn't paying attention to the conversation any more.

"Moving on… but isn't he still seeing?"

"Hah that ended ages ago, big bust-up you must have heard about it."

"So why all the hush up? Oh yeah she'd go postal if it got out."

"Guess she's scared about it getting out."

Damn I missed a bit, who'd go postal? Who's scared? Who are they talking about now? As desperate as she was to find out more Daphne considered it would be impolite to ask for a transcript. The massage began and any questions about Velma's amorous adventures were pushed aside as Daphne began to wonder what it would be like if Shaggy was doing the massage, she imagined his hands working on her back and got all tingly. She closed her eyes, soon it wasn't the masseur; it was Shaggy, his long strong fingers sliding over her bare skin. The sensations became too much, she imagined rolling onto her back, guiding his lips to hers, pulling him down onto her... Daphne's eyes shot open, she was fantasising about making out with Shaggy. It gave her an idea, now if only she could pluck up the courage to carry it out. The fantasy returned with a vengeance when the masseur reached a sensitive spot on the nape of her neck which made her toes curl with pleasure. She now determined to pluck up the courage, as soon as this was over it was Shaggy time.

"Awwwww Shaggy a picnic, that's so thoughtful of you," Daphne gushed. Shaggy and Scooby were standing there, Scooby had a blanket on his back while Shaggy pulled a little green wagon which carried several picnic baskets.

"Like we've even found a quiet shady spot in the woods."

"Ohhh let's go, I'll help pull the wagon. Hunnnnnnn, heavy!"

The wagon's axels groaned in protest at the weight as they pulled it along.

It was perfect, mottled shade, secluded with birds singing in the trees, the only other sound came from Scooby who was being chased by a particularly assertive butterfly. Once they had eaten their fill Daphne snuggled down into his shoulder and placed her arm around his waist. She could imagine Velma doing this; despite her logical and formal exterior she knew Velma was quite a softie when she was in the mood. She pondered what she'd heard in the tent and tried to think who Velma's boyfriend could be and a few possible names came to mind but why would Velma not tell her? It sounded she'd been seeing him for some time and that horrid diner thing only happened a day or so ago, perhaps it was Velma who was the scared one they were talking about but why was she so scared? They'd been each other's confident and confessor since kindergarten. Daphne sighed, she'd find out soon enough, Velma was more than capable of looking after herself as long as she didn't over-think things and from what she'd heard Velma was doing very little thinking. Daphne adjusted her position slightly and tried to clear her mind so she could just focus on the moment.

"Like you feeling alright Daph?" his voice was low and soft, like warm honey to her ears.


"You worried about Velma?"


"Like you don't have to worry about Vel." Shaggy summarised what Velma and Fred had said that morning.

A sense of peace came over Daphne; they were all working to get back together. The sooner things got patched up with Velma the better as then they could go on a double date, not that she would be dating Shaggy just being friendly and close, very close. His hand rested on her hip, mmmm closer. It would mean that Fred would be left out; she wondered if she could hook him out with one of her friends they could all go out together. He's likes glasses, got a thing for sexy librarians. A random thought waved at her as it came floating by, Velma could do the 'librarian thing' very well and she didn't even know it. A whimper of alarm caused them to stir; the butterfly had now chased Scooby up a tree.

"Like you look a bit tense, is there anything I can do?" said Shaggy.

"My shoulders ache, could you emmm give them a massage?"

Strong fingers tentatively moved over her shoulders, almost teasing her, and when they started moving down her back, it was the most exquisite and beautiful torture.

"That's better," whispered Daphne breathlessly.

"Did I miss a spot?"

"Oh the nape of my neck feels a bit tense…" Oh Jeepers yes! Daphne's breathing and pulse rate quickened as Shaggy's fingers hit the spot first time. His fingers kept working the spot, stoking the fires she had tried to ignore. Finally she could contain herself no longer; she turned around and placed her arms round his neck.

"You brought this on yourself," whispered Daphne hoarsely as she guided his lips to hers then both of them to the ground.

In a different part of town someone else's pulse rate and breathing were also being elevated.

"Fred… Fred… mercy… slow down…" panted Velma.

"Sorry Vel, forgot you're not used to this," said Fred slowing his pace.


Velma knew she had fallen totally for Fred as she was now doing in public something she'd thought she'd only ever do in private, exercise – jogging to be precise. They were jogging round the block where his parents lived with the reward of their hot-tub to cool-off in afterwards. She wasn't that out of condition, running away from monsters often carrying Shaggy and/or Scooby was a good work-out but as there was neither a monster behind her nor a sale in a book-shop in front of her she didn't have the sane buzz to keep her going, she'd never seen the point in running for the sake of running.

"Don't forget my legs are shorter than yours."

"You're legs are fine, we're nearly there."

"You said that five minutes ago." Velma began to envy Daphne, Shaggy was taking her on a picnic, she wondered if he'd be giving her any 'lessons,' whatever he'd been doing to her was having interesting results. Daph and Shag, now there's an interesting combination. She'd been half joking with Daphne with her 'amour du jour' dig, only half joking. Shaggy sure looked like there was something going on but she didn't feel confidant speaking to Daphne on her own, not yet. But it did give her a faint glimmer of hope that things might just work out for them all.

Fred curtailed the jog after a couple of laps; they had a long evening of clue hunting ahead of them and he didn't want Velma half asleep on her feet. As the creature seemed to be active in the evening and night that was the time to look. As soon as they were inside they stripped off their jogging things to reveal their swimming costumes. Fred went out back to get the tub ready while Velma made some iced drinks. She put the drinks on a tray, adjusted her swimming costume slightly then went outside where Fred had just got into the tub. Velma lent over more than necessary as she put the tray down and looked over her glasses at him. She got into the pool and sat on his lap, her previous actions had had more of an effect than she though. Her arms wrapped round his neck as he pulled her close. Unnoticed the ice cubes melted in their drinks.

The setting sun meant playtime was over, Daphne and Shaggy had rescued Scooby from the tree then packed the picnic things away in Shaggy's car. They waited, resting against his car, tentatively holding hands, both still overwhelmed by what had happened. Harold and Marilyn arrive and immediately busied themselves at the back of their car though Daphne couldn't shake the feeling that she was being watched by Velma's mother. Shaggy and Daphne were slightly surprised when Fred and Velma arrived in Fred's car. Immediately on seeing Velma's face Daphne understood why Fred had given her a ride here; the secret smile, slightly glazed eyes. There was just about enough Velma there to walk let alone drive.

Jeepers it's the lesser-spotted loved-up Velma. Wherever she's been she still hasn't come into land yet. There again neither have I Daphne smiled to herself.

Before Daphne could savour the moment Velma's expression changed to one of horror when she saw her parents as they emerged from behind their car, they were wearing 'Team Velma' t-shirts with a picture of her as a small child holding a magnifying glass to her face. Fred took hold of Velma's arm as she lurched back the way she'd come. Shaggy vaguely recognised that photograph from yesterday, Velma must have been around six or seven then. Daphne vowed she would never let her parent's join them on a mystery.

"So are we going to split up?" asked Harold rubbing his hands eagerly.

Daphne was feeling increasingly uncomfortable as Velma's mother kept looking in her direction; Daphne feared she had heard about what she had done to Velma in the diner.

"How about Norville and Daphne; myself with Harold and Scooby then Fred with Velma?" said Marilyn.

"Works for me," said the gang simultaneously.

"Right gang this is plan, we'll spend an hour looking around where we've been before to see what had changed then meet back at the stage. Good hunting everyone," said Velma.

"What a lovely couple," said Marilyn as the groups went their separate ways.

"I heartily agree, young Fredrick is a most eligible suitor for Velma."

"Yes he is, but I meant Norville and Daphne."


"Oh yes."

Scooby nodded in agreement. A gentle breeze began to blow, first from where Fred and Velma where and then from Shaggy and Daphne. Scooby sniffed the air and confirmed his suspicions. He'd suspected for a while that Fred and Velma were attracted to each other given the hormones he could smell coming off them when they were in each other's company. He could now pick the same scents from Daphne and Shaggy. From his point of view nothing much changed, his pack was still the same and Daphne was as reliable as Velma when it came to having Scooby Snacks secreted about their person.

"Now Scooby we don't have any of those snacks you like on us but we have got a few other things for you…" Scooby's eyes became all watery as Harold opened a bag containing every conceivable treatit's the mother lode.

Daphne and Shaggy scouted the tree-line at the base of a small hill on which were several clusters of greenhouses. They were looking for signs of the creature's coming and going while the others looked around the various sets of greenhouses. The greenhouses themselves were grouped together in a number of places depending on the needs of the plants they contained.

"So far so nothing," said Daphne.
"So good, nice and quiet."

"Emmm about what happened at the picnic, I, I lost control."

"Daph," Shaggy gently moved Daphne close "nothing bad happen, only good. But I've never seen you act like that, not even with Fred, not that I'm complaining…"

"That spot on the nape of my neck right here" Daphne guided his hand to her neck, Shaggy's fingers began to massage that spot "which when, massaged, really, gets, oh jeepers, really gets me going."

Daphne leant into Shaggy, Shaggy leant into what he soon discovered to be fresh air and they both tumbled to the ground, where there had been shrubs and bushes there was now just flattened vegetation. From how the vegetation was damaged something had come out of the woods. Daphne ended up lying on top of Shaggy, she glanced up the hill to see if anyone, or thing, had seen them. While nothing had seen them she did get quite a surprise. Next to one of the greenhouses was a familiar figure behaving very strangely.

"What on earth is Velma's dad doing?" said Daphne lifting herself off Shaggy. Shaggy rolled Daphne over so he lay on top of her and the looked up to see what was going on.

"Like dancing I think."

"Poor Velma, at least it's dark and no one else is around."

"Seeing as it's dark…" he leant down and bushed his lips over hers.

"Clue-ooh, I've found a clue-ooh-ooh…" Harold startled to jig around on the spot, moving his hips from side-to-side on the ooh's. After a few seconds Marilyn took up the dance as well.

"Join in Velma," said Marilyn as Velma and Fred walked hand-in-hand towards them "Clue-ooh, I've found a clue-ooh-ooh…"

"Why?" said Velma coldly.

"Don't you remember this is your 'I've found a clue' dance you did when you were tiny," said Marilyn.

"No I do not remember," said Velma firmly remembering all too clearly, she jabbed Fred in the ribs to stop him joining in.

"We found tracks leading this way," said Fred.

"So did we, something's been prowling around these greenhouses, looks like its heading towards those greenhouses over there," said Marilyn.

"Goodness me that's where the orchid house is, the orchid is still there it isn't due to be picked up by security for another hour," said Harold.

Fred took out his phone, "Shag, change of plan, head to the main greenhouses whatever it is its heading that way."

Tonight was the night they made contact.

Chapter 7: Power to the Petunias!

As they walked along Daphne saw that each of the greenhouses had a large sign hung above the doors. As they approached the top of the hill they got close enough to for her to read what was written on the. The sign on the first said 'Yachiyo-Midorigaoka' the orchid house sign said 'Tooting Broadway' the sign on the last greenhouse said 'Plac Wilsona'.

Wha...? she mouthed.

"Wolfie names all the greenhouses after underground or metro stations around the world."


"He's Wolfie Smith, international man of mystery," said Shaggy shining his torch under his face.

"Yeah," Daphne whispered propelling Shaggy to the where the rest of the gang, and Velma's parents, where. Fred and Velma were standing close to each other but as soon as Shaggy and Daphne approached they moved apart. Daphne hoped they were just getting ready for the clue-hunting not out of deference to her, perhaps she should speak to them but wasn't sure how to broach the subject.

"You two all set for a close encounter of the plant kind?" said Velma as Shaggy and Daphne joined them.

"Sure am," said Daphne almost convincing herself.

"Like I'll get back to you on that," said Shaggy, Scooby nodded in agreement.

"OK gang this is a by-the-numbers clue hunt. Shaggy, Scooby and Velma will check the orchid house, Daphne and I can check the greenhouse to the left and Mr and Mrs Dinkley…"

"Please Fred, call us Marilyn and Harold," the rest of the gang shared a brief look and stifled a giggle "after all dear you're part of our fam..."

"Mother!" whispered Velma. Daphne and Shaggy looked at each other amused now by Velma's discomfort.

"Harold and Marilyn can check the one on the right," Fred gave Velma a sheepish grin.

"It's getting late, are you cold dear?" asked Marilyn

"I'm fine mother," said Velma with a sense of resignation in her voice.

"Only if you were we've got some soup in a thermos flask in the car."

"I'm fine, let's get going."

"It's spicy parsnip, your favourite." Velma paused, embarrassment or not, her mother's spicy parsnip soup wasn't to be passed up.

"Save it for half-time."

"Like soup, your parents are great," said Shaggy as they headed for the orchid house.

"You can borrow them if you want, but I'm keeping the soup," muttered Velma opening the double doors. Shaggy and Velma walked inside they both took a deep breath, savouring the heady scent which filled the greenhouse, Scooby stopped dead in his tracks.

"Ro ray roo rinky" said Scooby turning up his nose at the scent of the orchid house.

"You can stay out here and stand guard Scoob," replied Shaggy "but the Scooby Snacks are coming with me."

"Rou've rot a real," replied Scooby.

"Come on Shag, let's get looking," said Velma leading Shaggy inside.

Fred and Daphne walked to their greenhouse in silence. Daphne had expected this time would come, Fred obviously wanted to have his say about the events in the diner. Ready to rumble? No, not really. They searched the greenhouse in silence for a few minutes, get on with it will you Daphne growled in her head, she felt the spark of anger and her patience began to wear thin, but this time it didn't feel right. Fred was gearing up to speak, she could tell by his body language, rehearsing what he was going to say in his head. OK, just one last argument for old times' sake then I'm done with all that thought Daphne.

"Daph what happened at the diner was nasty, but Velma and I; well we're still your friends. I know she doesn't openly say it but you're like a sister to her."

"Don't patronise me Fred," said Daphne kneeling down and looking under the tables.

Fred knelt down next to her "I'm not Daph, I'm sorry if it came over like that but we're all family, we fight like a family and we stick together like a family. And we forgive each other like a family."

Daphne didn't need this; she had been gearing up for Fred to tear her off a strip, shout at her, kick her out the gang, but him being quiet spoken and forgiving was so unexpected it was unsettling. She was used to clearing the air with a stand-up argument… No that's got to change, what would Shaggy do? What would he say I do?

Daphne sat back on her haunches and sighed "I'm sorry Fred; I was all geared up for an argument. It's a bad habit which is breaking."

"I know, my bit was all Velma's influence."


"Yeah she's, em, she encouraged me to express myself better."

"Really? How?"

"How did it go now oh yeah 'don't even think about raising your voice to Daphne or it won't be just your Ascots I'll be ironing.'"

Daphne couldn't help but giggle; diplomacy had never been Velma's strong point. Which is why she's avoiding speaking to me on her own; she doesn't want to say anything that will mess things up.

Meanwhile in the orchid house Velma and Shaggy were also searching for clues, as they went both took time to stop and smell the blooms and Shaggy couldn't help but comment on their smell.

"Like this flower reminds me of maple syrup and bacon, that one of a chilli-chocolate burrito…"

"It's almost like being in the perfume section of a department store, but this time all the smells are nice," said Velma.

Finally they reached the spot where the fresh-water orchid was kept. The flower was surrounded by a clear polycarbonate box with holes drilled in round the top and bottom.

Velma gave a quick check that it was there and the box was secure before moving on to something more interesting, there was a mass of colour and form on a display she hadn't seen before which was right next to the box.

"Shaggy, these orchids are in bloom," whispered Velma entranced by their beauty she leant over to smell the flower when a cloud of faint green gas bellowed forth from amongst their blossoms.

Velma waved her hands in front of her face and stepped back coughing "Ugh, what on…" she was unconscious before she hit the floor. The sound of her collapsing caused Shaggy to turn around, he rushed to side.

"Velma? What's wrong? Velma?!"

Shaggy knelt by her trying to figure out what was wrong. He gently brushed the hair out of her face, he was puzzled there was no sign of injury; her face appeared just as it does when she's sleeping. He quickly checked her pulse and breathing, everything seemed to be working; he tried to gently wake her.

"Velms? Wake up. Velms, time to wake-up."

A hissing sound made him look up; he saw a cloud of pale green gas heading in their direction. He began to reach down to pick up Velma when he was distracted by a faint slithering sound, something was moving either side of him, he turned to see two tentacles heading for the door, He turned back to grab Velma but she was already enveloped by the pale green cloud. He scooped her up and headed for the door but after a couple of steps began to lose his balance and his strength failed forcing him to let Velma slide to the floor.

"Scooby Doo!" he managed to call out before the tentacles slammed the doors shut, he lacked the strength to stand, and he tried to drag Velma along the floor with him. A few feet along the floor darkness overcame him. Scooby got to the door just after it was closed; he watched in despair as tentacles crept out of undergrowth, wrapped themselves around Shaggy and Velma's inert bodies then slowly pulled them back into the darkness. His claws scrabbled frantically at the door "Relma!" he yelped "Raggy! Raggy!" As they vanished from his sight the air was filled with the sound of soulless wooden laughter which caused Scooby's blood to turn to ice.

A glowing meteorite, aliens, thieves, kidnappers and a jealous Daphne, just how dangerous can a flower show get? And just how embarrassing can it be when one of the gang's parents decides to join in with the investigation?

Part 2 is [link]
Part 4 is [link]
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