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Slaves for Sale by night-glare

Three is the magic number

Shaggy lay in bed, Madelyn was curled up asleep on one side of him, Velma lay on the other sleepily tracing her fingers over his torso.
"Zoinks," said Shaggy softly.
"You haven't said that in a while."
"Like, well what can I say?"
The pitch of Shaggy's voice crept higher as Velma's hand went lower and began to stroke him.  She played with him for a while till she was satisfied he was ready for another round then climbed on top of him, straddling his hips.  Velma glanced at her sleeping sister "She who snoozes, looses," she smiled to herself as she guided Shaggy inside her.  Velma closed her eyes, her head went back as a sense of satisfying fullness filled her loins...
It was dawn when they all finally awoke.  None of them were in a hurry to get out of bed; they waited for the sun to come up and begin to warm the room before there was any real movement.
"So why the different kinds of ownership marks?" Madelyn yawned and rolled on her front, resting her head in her hands.
"Man, the scroll wasn't that clear, I guess levels of ownership or something like that."
"Possibly, we should add that to our library search," Velma sat up and scratched her head "I suppose neither of you found a shower, hot-tub or the like yesterday."
Madelyn shook her head "Now you mention it I do feel like I need a bath."
"Like we have soap, I think, we could heat up some water to wash in then we could take turns in having a swim in the fountain, I think it's big enough if you go goldfish style."
"Goldfish style?" said Madelyn.
"Round in circles," Shaggy waved his hands in the air as he spoke.
Shaggy and Scooby were sunning themselves on opposite towers while Madelyn and Velma swam, the laughs and general playful sounds coming from the courtyard were all good to hear and Shaggy found himself less troubled by his role now things had been sorted out between him and the sisters.  Of course if they ever got back to Earth they'd have a lot of explaining to do, he decided he'd leave that to Velma and her near inexhaustible supply of big words.  Shaggy looked up at the sound of his name.  Madelyn was standing in the pool arms folded under her chest.  Velma was swimming, she rolled onto her side to wave at him, missed her stroke and went under for a few seconds, she emerged coughing and spluttering.
“We’re done Shag, we’ll be up to swap places with you and Scooby,” said Madelyn
“Yep we are most definitely done here,” spluttered Velma heading to the edge to find the closest thing they could find to towels.
"Zoinks!  Why didn't you say the water as so cold?" Shaggy complained as he got in the fountain.
"It's only cold because you've been in the sun," said Velma as she dried her hair "and that sun is going to be soooo warm for us."
"Yeah, come on Shag man up and put your back into it."  Madelyn knelt down to dry her toes and looked up at her sister "Vel, turn around…. The marks are fading already."
"Let me see…  Madds' right, you'll need to tattoo the marks on us Shag, the markers just won't last."  Velma knelt down looked at the marks on Madelyn.
"Yeah, guess the markers weren't as magic as we'd hoped."  Shaggy rested his arms on the side of the fountain.
"Well before we do, let's get something to eat then find out what the marks mean," said Madelyn looking over her shoulder.
"Like that means letting Vel loose in the library."
"I know, but it's a risk we'll have to take," replied Madelyn as Velma stuck her tongue out at the pair of them.
Velma's hand shot up from under a pile of books and scrolls "Found it!"
"So, what does it mean, what do we need to do?" said Madelyn.
"We were right of sorts; it is about levels of ownership and by implication, access.”
"Here we go again," Madelyn sighed.
"It's more complex than that Madds.  Scooby?" A scroll flew out from under the pile; Scooby caught it in his mouth and brought it to Shaggy and Madelyn "I've written it on the scroll.  Buttocks only, with no other marks or modifiers is the default mark that all slaves have, it potentially means they are open to open to all comers."
"I am not open to all comers!" Madelyn protested.
"Same here" replied Velma "but there isn't the detail on what the modifiers are, well not enough that we could safely replicate it.  It seems that tattooing and branding is not as fashionable as it once was."
"Like what's next?" he could hear Velma's finger moving over the text, whispering to herself as she translated it into English.
"Right, under breasts means a family slave with access limited to family members or, if I read this correctly, other members of the household including other slaves of that rank or higher."
"Yeah, there are all kinds of ranks based on duties, owner, skills… hmm some are de facto free if still de jure slaves….  ahhh there’s reference to more information about ranks in a standard scroll… ohhhh a scroll that we've got somewhere!" There was the sound of Velma beginning to hunt through papers and books.
"Like Velma stay on target; stay on target!"
"She's switched off her targeting computer!"
"Ha, ha, ha, this could be useful for later.  As I was saying, down there means personally owned; access is only for the owner or others with owner's written permission or slaves of the same rank or higher but they must be of the same house.  There's a whole pile of law and custom around this."
"Vel, does that apply to male slaves as well?"
"Yes, but in that case the tattoo has to be on the skin around the base of his member."
"Yeah, well they'd have to use tiny writing if it went anywhere else!"
Madelyn wiggled her little finger and pretended to write "They'd have to write in a spiral."
Shaggy sat back and watched the sisters laugh themselves senseless.  Scooby touched Shaggy's knee with his paw.
"Like, I've never seen them before either."  Shaggy went to get the necessary equipment while Scooby wandered off to find a paper bag; one of the sisters was bound to hyperventilate sooner or later.
They reconvened in their bedroom, by then the sisters had mostly calmed down but he could tell that it wouldn’t take much to set them off again.
“Like are you two up to this right now?”
"Better, better use the posture control, we're still a bit giggly," said Madelyn.
“Not to mention ticklish.  Have you got what you need?”
“Like, I think so.  I’ve cleaned it all with soap then put it in boiling water to finish it off.”  He showed them some simple tattooing needles, coloured ink, a razor, a brush and some soap.
“You shaving your goatee off?” said Madelyn.
Velma coughed “It’s not his goatee that needs shaving Madds.” Madelyn blushed when she understood what Velma was saying.
“Quite, still I’m not convinced there is another way.  Better get this over and done with.”  Velma removed her clothes and lay on the bed, she shuffled to the edge of the bed, bent her knees then reached down he held her ankles.  Madelyn did the same.  Both moved around till they were comfortable as they could be.
“OK Shag, I can’t hold this position for long,” said Madelyn.
“Me neither, time to use the posture control.”
“And freeze.”  Shaggy pushed the button on the control and both girls froze in position “you both ok?” there was silence “oh yeah, we wired the gags in as well.”
Shaggy didn’t want to do this to the sisters; he knew from the time his grandmother had tried to teach him sewing just how much needles hurt.  Then an idea hit him.
“As your master I command that you enjoy every moment of this, in fact like any pain you feel will only add to the pleasure.” 
“Like and as your master I know you’re going to like this, especially you Vel.”
Shaggy took some rope then proceeded to frog tie their legs in place then bound their wrists to their ankles, unnecessary but from the quickening of their breathing and hardening of their nipples, welcome.  He also like the appearance, he stood back to admire his work, and the view. 
“Emm like, can I take advantage of you two while you’re like this, a long breath out for yes, lots of short breaths out for no.”  There were two long breaths outs.  Even in this alien world consent was important to him, back in the city, if it was a matter of life-or-death things may have been different but there was no such urgency here.  They may be his slaves, and they were now living together as a threesome, but he doubted he could live with himself if he felt he had violated their consent here.  But now he had it, he was going to enjoy himself.
He gently stroked Madelyn, feeling her innards quiver as he did so. He worked the soap into a lather then gently massaged it in, teasing her as he did.  He smiled as he felt her orgasm; this was going to be a fun few hours.
Shaggy split his time between tormenting, teasing and pleasuring the sisters to careful and meticulous tattooing in silence.  He’d aced every art class he’d ever took so getting it right was a matter of professional pride, as their owner and as an artist.   After Shaggy had finished tattooing he climbed on the bed, to the sisters surprise he gagged and blindfolded them both then removed the posture control.  Then he took his pleasure with them, repeatedly making love to both of them till they were all completely spent.  As soon as he untied them Madelyn and Velma immediacy curled up together and fell asleep.  Shaggy didn’t mind, it was time for him and Scooby to tend to Norm then to do some pottering about the place till meal time. 
That evening they sat around a fire in the courtyard eating their evening meal.  The sisters sat on furs at Shaggy's feet, he hadn't asked them to do so; he'd even asked if they'd rather sit up.  Both refused, saying it felt better on the floor.
"Like, but?"
"Shaggy, here I can sit on the floor at your feet because I want to, out there I have to," said Madelyn, Velma nodded.
"It feels appropriate to do this now, tomorrow may be different, but now this is where we want to be." Velma concluded.
"Like OK," he reached down and stroked their hair "I won't ask again, you're free to sit where you want to sit."
"Thanks Shag," Madelyn looked up and smiled at him.  Both sisters had the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from having a partner who truly understood.  By giving them freedom they could be as submissive as they desired.    
They continued to eat their food; while the others talked Velma gazed at the flames in silence, fascinated by their blue-green colour.  There was a tingly feeling in her brain at what she was seeing.
“Like Vel, you’ve been quiet for a while now," said Shaggy.
“There’s something odd about these flames, they don’t look right.”
“Beautiful though,” said Madelyn.
“What’s wrong with them?” said Shaggy.
“Good question, it's the colour.  I guess biology is a bit different here.”
“Like what’s that got to do with it?”
“Well elements burn with different colours, boron burns with a bright green colour, copper is green-blue, scandium is orange.”
“So the wood contains a lot of copper?” said Madelyn.
“Yes I suppose it does, jinkies that’s it Maddy!  The wood contains so much copper that it’s conductive, that’s how you can get a shock from the pain stick even though it’s mostly wood.”
“Those gag disks are mostly wood as well.”
"Well that does mean the first electricians here are carpenters, wonder if you could build a transistor using different types of wood?"
“Vel but what can we use this for?” Madelyn rested her head on Shaggy’s leg.
“Well I think we can us this to our advantage,” Velma stroked her chin “this would be useful in any rebellion against Zarquad.”
“How?” Madelyn sat up.
“Like I’ve got it we could invent the internet and that would overthrow Zarquad!”
“Emm I was thinking of simple crystal radios to communicate over distances but I get what you’re saying,” said Velma.
“Like before we go doing anything like that we need to go into town and get some supplies, we’ve only got a couple of days’ worth left.”
Aside from supplies we need to get hold of examples of their technology so I can analyse it, and find a weakness” said Velma leaning back against Shaggy’s leg
“We already have Vel,” said Madelyn “The stuff we got at Sor-Su.”
It's a start, but we need more.  Shaggy we need to get a couple different types of discipline sticks and see what other slave-control kit is available.”
"Like I don't think the town has that kind of market.  This is mostly a farming area, but..." Scooby pointed to the map "Scoob's found a trading hub and garrison a couple of day’s ride away; that should do the trick."
“Town first, we need to stock up on food big time,” said Madelyn.
“We’ll have to rig up some saddlebags for Norm and put the cage on its side if we can’t remove it, do we still need it?  We could carry more stuff if we got rid of it.”
Shaggy nodded “Like yeah, you’re proper slave, all marked and everything, but check in the books to see if there’s anything you can add to make it look like you’re more, emm thingy.”
“Y’know, professional, experienced slave.”
“Ohh I get it, back to the library I guess,” Velma stretched “but in the morning.  I’ve yet to invent the electric light and all we’ve,” Velma looked up “got, is… the… oh jinkies.”
“What is it?” Shaggy stood up and grabbed the closest think he could find as a weapon, ready to defend the sisters.  There was nothing there, all he could see were the stars, lots of stars.
“Velma?” Madelyn looked at her sister who was open-mouthed and wide-eyed with wonder.
“Jinkies I know where we are” whispered Velma “we’re in one of the Magellanic Clouds, that’s our galaxy.  It almost makes everything worthwhile.”
They stopped and stared in wonder as the Milky Way rose slowly into the sky.

Knights of the old Scooby Snack

It was a truly awesome and humbling sight to see the galaxy like that.  Shaggy noticed Velma wipe a tear from her eye.  They stayed for a while till the needs of tomorrow grew too great.  Shaggy, Madelyn and Scooby left Velma staring at the sky while they go on with things.  Eventually Shaggy returned, he picked up a sleeping Velma and carried her back to their bedroom while Madelyn held the doors open.  Shaggy and Scooby did one last tour of the building to make sure everything was a secure as it could be then they retired for the night.
They awoke early the next morning to get ready for their shopping trip.  Shaggy and Madelyn worked to unbolt the cage from the cart, Scooby fixed up some Saddle-bags for Norm and made sure he was well fed and watered, Velma worked in the library working out finding out as much as she could about the various ranks and roles of slaves.  That was the easy part, making sense of it so that anything they did was culturally correct was the hard part.  She thought back to what she had seen in Sor-Su, what she’d read and the dream she’d had in the basement.  Slowly an idea began to materialise, a picture came to mind; one she’d seen in the dream.  She went to find Shaggy and Madelyn
“I’m going back into the secret basement, if I’m not out in ten minutes come get me.”    
Shaggy and Madelyn looked at each other and followed Velma to the entrance.  Shaggy found a long length of rope and tied it round Velma’s waist.
“Like if you get all woozy, tug on the rope and we’ll haul you in.”
“Thanks, wish me luck.” Velma lit a torch and headed down the stairs.
The same feeling crowded round her, but this time she was mentally prepared.    She went directly to Boobella’s cell and closed the door, leaving it slightly ajar.  She stood with her back to the wall, spreading her arms and legs wide so her wrists and ankles lined up to where the shackles where then began to breathe deeply. Hope this works she thought and began to recite familiar things from Earth, the pledge of allegiance, songs, her address, Christmas carols… it had worked for Hans Zarkov in the film Flash Gordon.   Velma sighed, he mouth felt try and tasted funny; her arms ached.  Perhaps this wasn’t one of her better ideas.  She tried to move position but couldn’t.  She looked up, her wrists were now locked in the shackles, then down, not only were her ankles secured, she was now naked.  She strained at the chains. 
“Huuuu.” The taste in her mouth was a gag, probably soaked in some slow-acting poison to enhance her suffering.  Definitely not one of my better idea she thought.  She prayed that the next person to walk through the door was the person she needed to see not some monk or soldier wanting to rape her.
A female slave walked in, she wore the same collar and cuffs that Velma and Madelyn had worn.  Unlike theirs her culls were red in colour, coloured strips of cloth came from her collar, passed between her breasts and were secured to her waistband at the hips.  Her name was Azira, and had been one of Boobella’s closest friends.  As soon as she walked in Velma’s mind was flooded with information about her.  They had been inducted together as Imperial slaves, they trained and studied together, even fought together to earn the right to wear red cuffs.  It was the best idea Zarquad ever had.  The empire was becoming top-heavy and bloated and there weren’t enough wars to thin the ranks or conquests to cater for those who expected rewards and perks.  The role of Imperial slave meant the empire had a constant supply of unpaid skilled labour whose position and perks depended on the empire continued existence.  They served the empire well and because of that they lived in luxury.  Then Boobella and her sister got ideas and started to agitate for reform and those in a position of privilege became scared and it all went downhill from there.   
“My, my, my Boobella, legs still open like a common pleasure slave I see?”  Azira walked up to Velma and roughly felt her sex for a moment then inspected her hand “not glad to see me then.”
Velma growled an obscenity through her gag, Azira slapped Velma round the face, causing her to see stars.
“Enough!  If had my way you’d have been publically strangled to death for your betrayal, with the right spells we could have prolonged the fun for days.  But Zarquad is more cruel, more cunning that that, which is why we are here.  I will break you Boobella, I will turn you into a drooling obedient slave of empire who I will present to my Lord.  There in public at his command you will kill your sister then put an end to this madness by hunting down all the other rebels.”  The slave grabbed Velma’s face forcing her to kook her in the eyes “But first Lord Zarquad said I could have some fun with you, after all only a woman knows how to truly torture another woman.”
She clapped her hands, a monk walked into the room.  He carried a tray on which were an earthenware bowl and a long thick brush.  The bowl contained a grey syrupy paste.  Azira picked up the bowl and brush and bent down in front of Boobella.  Without a word she began to paint the mixture on Velma’s inner thighs and in her sex, Velma’s eyes bulged as the brush was forced deep inside.  Azira stood up and carefully painted Velma’s breasts in the sticky syrup.  As soon as it soaked into her skin there was and intense burning pain wherever the brush had been.  Velma screwed up her eyes, it was worse than chilli oil, it felt like her skin was being eaten into.
“Don’t worry Boobella, there is something that will ease the pain for a while, there is a special balm which will briefly sooth the pain at the point where it is applied.” 
Velma opened her eyes and looked at Azira, not for mercy, that point had long passed, but for understanding.
“This is pure Yombine,” Azira held the bowl up in front of Velma’s face, slowly swirling the brush in the mixture.  Velma’s eyes widened, a dilute solution was used in the training of pleasure slaves to encourage them, it was usually mixed with aphrodisiac potions, but was never used raw “Ahh I see you know where this is going, yes it needs that ‘special balm’ that only men can make, but you’ll have to beg them for it.  Don’t forget to shout loudly so they can hear you upstairs.  Oh I forgot, the gag.”
Azira removed Velma’s gag, immediately ramming the brush into Velma’s mouth before painting her face.  The pain was now indescribable, Velma’s couldn’t take it any longer and passed out.
“There’s the signal!” called Shaggy, Shaggy and Madelyn gently pulled on the rope while Scooby hurried down the stairs to help.  Soon Velma was at the top of the stairs, she was breathing hard and could barely walk.  They helped her to a nearby chair.  They waited in silence, finally Velma spoke.
“Right, I know, I know what to do.  First sit down, second beer, then the good news and the bad news.”
Scooby hurried off to get Velma the beer while Shaggy made sure she was OK.
“So?” asked Madelyn.
“I know what we need to wear, it will signify that we are Shaggy’s research assistants and bodyguards for want of a better word.  It will work in your regular backwater town but I’m not sure we can pull off the bodyguard stunt in the larger ones yet, especially those with garrisons as the tattoos under our arms aren’t correct for that.  We can go as scribes which also go with Shaggy’s role.”
“The bad newmmmh!” Madelyn began to speak but was silenced by Shaggy’s hand.
“Like we were doing so well up until then,” Shaggy sighed while Velma smiled.
“You need to know.  What happened there was real, I can, oh jinkies this doesn’t make sense. I can travel into Boobella’s mind here, see what she sees, know what she knows, and feel…” Velma trailed off.
“Feel?” Shaggy knelt next to her, taking her hand.
“Let’s just not go there.  But I know so much more now, I hate to say this Madds, you need to go there, where Buttockzina was.”
“Must I?”
“Trust me Madds.  It’ll be horrible, but you’ll know a lot more of how to do things like a local.  Like an urban survival skill, you’ll know how behave.” Scooby arrived with the beer which Velma gratefully received, after drinking some she continued “and I picked-up some of her skills.  I think I know how to wield a morn-dsta.”
“Morn-dsta?” Madelyn looked puzzled.
“Oh, oh, don’t tell me,” Shaggy clicked his finger “emm, advanced melee weapon. +5 special skill bonus, ahh like a staff with heavy pointy bits at the end.”
Velma nodded “Exactly, there will be some here, where the barracks were.”
“So, where do I go?  I don’t want to but, if it’ll help us.”
Velma led Madelyn down the stairs to a small alcove off one of the cells, on the floor was a grated hole.   
“Back home this is called an oubliette, pass me a torch and some rope.”  Velma took the rope and tied in the middle of the torch then lowered it down “want to make sure there’s nothing down there.”
“Shut up Velma,” Madelyn hugged herself.
“All clear, right Shag jump in and out of there a few times to get the air mixed up while I put a chest-harness on Madds.”
“So we can pull you out, easier that hanging onto your hands.”
“Oh.” Madelyn put her arms up so Velma could tie on the harness.
They helped Madelyn down into the hole then lowered the grate closed. Madelyn reached up, her hands could just about reach out through the holes.
“Remember what I told you, we’re nearby so don’t worry.”
Madelyn sighed, her neck ached from looking up.  She rested back on the wall, her hands behind her to protect her backside from the rough wall.  She closed her eyes, resting her head against the wall.  Madelyn opened her eyes with a start and looked up, the light and shadows were different, she could hear movement and talking, but the voices didn’t belong to Shaggy or Velma.  She went to push the grille open but her hands wouldn’t move from behind her back, then she felt the cold steel of manacles. 
The light changed, things got darker, she took a sharp intake in breath, someone was standing over her astride the grate; before she could speak a hot pungent liquid was pouring onto her head.  It took Madelyn a few seconds to realise exactly what was going on.
“I don’t have permission to kill you but nobody said anything about not humiliating you.” The voice was female, it was cruel and full of venom “we had everything, we had each other, what should you care about those below you.”
“Azira!” Madelyn shouted angrily “this doesn’t have to be…”
“Yes it does until you and Boobella are truly broken.” There was anger in her voice, but mixed with other emotions “For you I pleaded with Lord Zarquad, he was merciful, for you there will be at peace at the end of this.  We shall have one last night of pleasure together before Boobella kills you for the sport of Lord Zarquad.”  Azira knelt down, she reached through the bars and tenderly stroked Madelyn’s cheek “Then my dear, beautiful Buttockzina, my passion, my life; then you will have eternal peace. Whereas Boobella’s torment will continue.”
“Azira, for what we once had, what we could have still…”
“No!  No more honeyed words from you, I will not betray my Lord.  Guards!”
“Yes Slave Lady Azira,” the guard bowed low, slave or not she was a member of the nobility and had to be shown the correct respect.
“The latrines in the building are not functioning correctly, that hole will be the new latrine for the next day.”
“As you command Slave Lady Azira.” The guard bowed in acknowledgement as Madelyn cried out in horror.
Madelyn’s scream caught Shaggy and Velma off-guard.  They hurried over and pulled Madelyn out of the hole.  They ushered Madelyn out of the basement, Velma took her into their bedroom and closed the door leaving Shaggy and Scooby to pace around outside.  Velma opened the door and glared at them, they got the hint and paced somewhere else.  Finally they got fed-up with pacing so went to find the barracks and the morn-dsta’s.  As Velma had predicted they found a few, together they selected the best two then set to work cleaning and fixing them up till they looked as new as possible.  Satisfied Shaggy held one in his hand to get the feel of the weapon.
“Y’know Scoob I’ve hit the odd baseball in my time and I think I could twirl a mean one of these, fancy a sparring match.  Scoob?” Only a slowly dissipating cloud of dust marked where Scooby had once been, Shaggy shrugged his shoulders and walked into the courtyard “Suit yourself but you missing out on a lesson with a real master.”
The sound of a commotion and crashing brought Velma and Madelyn running.  They fished Shaggy out of the pond.  Shaggy staggered about, he looked unsteadily at the sisters and pretended to raise a hat.
“Like hello ladies, did anyone get the licence plate?” before falling backwards into the pond.
“Oh for the love of… he needs a bodyguard from himself.” Madelyn muttered as they dragged him to the nearest bench.
Scooby followed behind wagging his tail, morn-dsta in his mouth.
“No Scooby, they’re too dangerous for playing catch,” Scooby whined in disappointment “but there is something you can do,” Velma took the morn-dsta's from Scooby’s mouth “Madds, catch!”
Velma threw one at Madelyn, she caught it with one hand and instinctively brought it to a defensive position.
Shaggy came round to the sound of Velma and Madelyn sparring with each other with Scooby acting as a cheerleader for both of them.   As long as the bump on his head went down and the number of Dinkleys he could see went back to just two they were ready for their trip into town. tomorrow.
Tried the holy trinity of beverages today - a beer that also includes coffee and chocolate.


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