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Exchange of Goods

Don didn't need to wonder where he could find the 'merchandise', there were two universities in the city, an arts college and the area was full of start-ups so had a lower average age and plenty of singles.  But how?  He'd need at least 10, probably 12 just to be sure.  Then there was the logistics of keeping and feeding them till he had enough, or should he hand them over one-by-one.  On top of that was the small matter of the authorities, he was committing a federal crime after all, what if he got caught?  Would they believe him and what would happen to Lucy if those holding her thought he'd spilt the beans.  He went to the campus to set things up for his job, both his jobs.


Fortunately for Don, he'd just got a contract to help one of the universities clear out some old chemicals.  Part of the campus was due for refurbished and all sorts of poorly and unlabelled containers had been found in the tidying up.  He'd already removed some chlorine from an old sports complex that used to have a swimming pool and was using the cleared out area to store and processes the remaining chemicals.  A couple of the sports halls were still in occasional use.  He was finishing up an inventory when the site manager came to see him enquiring if there was anything dangerous in the building as they needed to use the hall.  They were playing host to a visiting ladies volleyball society from a Swedish university.  They were just finishing off their matches and were hanging around for a few days sightseeing prior to going home but still wanted a place to practice.  The manager wanted to know if it would be ok for them to use the hall and changing room in a couple of days' time.  Don was more than happy for them to use the place; in fact he'd tidy it up for them.  He'd ask his neighbour to watch the house for a day or so as he was popping off to visit Lucy while he'd work here getting things ready.  This was his one and only chance of getting Lucy back, he needed to plan and prepare.  He was able to arrange to see the team captain and show her where the places they should and should go.  During the course of the discussions he got the information he needed, there were twelve women in all, each in their early twenties.  It was just what he wanted.

Much to Lucy's relief the people who had put her in there were true to their word, the only think poked through the hole was food and bottled water.  She was able to keep some track of time by the comings and goings about her.  She was sure they put sleeping pills in her food as she often found herself waking up not having remembered trying to go to sleep.  It was merciful, if disorientating.


It had been a long and frantic couple of days but Don was ready.  He'd walked through everything, had back-up plans where he could and had a clean-up plan.  The latter he'd taken advice from Wolf over as he didn't want to leave anything which would connect him to the crime.


Lucy closed her eyes and reached out, gingerly she took hold "Grip harder, do a proper job this time or no food from me." She gritted her teeth and began to give the man a handjob, then reached out to the opposite side of the box and began to do the same.  After the two days were up everything had to be paid for by pleasuring the men who brought it, food, toilet paper, water; everything had a price. Breakfast and lunch were brought by two men, but this was her dinner so it had been brought by four men.  The 'price' had just increased, each demanding two handjobs or one blowjob.  None of those 'caring' for her food wore condoms so the inside of the box was becoming covered in cum.  Each time they reminded her how lucky she was compared to the FBI agents, she wasn't too sure, she even wondered if being in a punishment cell would be better than this.


The volleyball team was in their last training session before they took their break, it started with a run followed circuit training, practice, a couple of matches followed by light aerobics as to warm down.  The girls were in high spirits as they walked into the changing room, they were looking forward to a their free days before heading home.  In his 'command centre' Don watched on the monitors as the last of them walked into the changing room closing the door behind them.  When they were busy chatting he flipped one of the two switches on his 'control panel' there was a faint buzz from the door as it was electronically locked, too faint for any of the players to hear.  The makers of the door had covered the bottom of it with steel diamond-plate, decorative, protective and most fortunately for Don, magnetic.  The electromagnets he'd installed in the floor earlier would keep the door closed.  Now a lesser man would have been distracted by the sight of the players undressing, and he had to admit it was a spectacular sight as their tight athletic bodies and firm breasts began to reveal themselves, which was why it was being recorded by a number of concealed cameras for later study.  His focus was on a checklist and a stopwatch.  Soon the showers were running and steam began to drift into the changing room, he flipped the other switch, the noise of the shower masking the faint hiss of gas now being pumped into the room.  He glanced at the monitors; while some had undressed to go into the shower others had gone for their phones and were now complaining about the lack of signal.  They assumed this was due to the location of the showers in the building but he know this was due to the foiled lined coating to the walls applied earlier, it effectively turned the room into a Faraday-cage.  Those in the shower were affected first by the gas, they began to feel tired, but assumed this was due to their strenuous work-out so didn't realise until it was too late.  A couple of the girls in the changing room sensed something was wrong.  They stumbled for the door, calling out for help as their teammates slid to the ground.  He did admit a tingle of pleasure as they found the door unexplainably locked, there was a power kick as their panic set it but he had to remain calm and focussed.  They pounded on the door calling for help but that wasn't going to happen.  The discovery that they were locked in did give them a burst of adrenalin that helped counteract the effects of the sedative for a while.  One kept on working at the door while the other went for her phone and recorded a desperate message for help.  Her friend was now slumped on the floor by the door faintly tapping it, her voice was barely a whisper, she was a fighter and the lady with the phone was a thinker, just before she succumbed to sleep she hid the phone deep in her bag obviously hoping that it would be found.  It would be found of course, but not by who she hoped, still those two were one to watch and he decided to process them first.


Pasteur said chance favoured the prepared mind and over the years he had collected all sorts of stuff.  Don's work often involved dealing with unpleasant chemicals so he had all types of protective clothing, full-face respirators, haz-mat suits, boots even an army NBC suit.  There was nothing out of the ordinary in him having or ordering such equipment.  Much of it was single use, some of it had 'use-by' dates so he wore that which was due to be replaced.  The filters on his mask were brand new; he'd even tested them against some of the sedative gas just to be on the safe side.  Buying cheap respirators or using out-of-date ones was a fool's errand.  He'd supported himself through university doing construction work, mostly plumbing, pipe-work and the like.  He still did when work was slow or a neighbour needed a hand.  That was how he solved the transport problem; even the least inquisitive police officer might raise some question if he saw the cargo he was planning to haul.


He double checked that the knock-out gas was off; again this is where it pays to know what you are doing.  Don shook his head, in the stories chloroform was the chemical of choice heaven only knows why the stuff was just too dangerous; there wasn't much between an effective dose and a lethal dose.  No, this was real anaesthetic gas.  All but two of them had passed out where they had been standing or sitting.  He entered in through maintenance hatch wearing breathing apparatus and a suit, he turned off the showers then dragged out those in the shower. There should be enough gas in the air to maintain the anaesthesia for a while but he carried a small amount with him just in cases along with all the other stuff he needed.  He started with the ones who tried to raise the alarm.  First he took their hands and taped them into fists.  He then proceeded to remove their tops and used tape to put a T on their chests.  He'd pre-made a number of zip tie handcuffs using the thickest and widest ties he could find using two to make a figure of 8 set-up.  He used two sets on each and secured their hands behind their backs then used tape to pull their elbows in slightly.  He removed their shoes, socks, shorts and panties.  He gagged them with the panties they had been wearing, held secure by several layers of micro-foam tape.  He put a couple of strips of the same tape over their eyes then secured their knees and ankles with more cable ties.


He did the same to all the others, those from the shower he dried first.  Not knowing whose clothes were whose he gagged them with the first pair of worn underwear he could find.  Only when they were all secured did he allow himself a breather and a drink of water.   He next collected their clothes and belongings.  These were all destined for clinical waste incinerator and went into an appropriately marked bag.  Their phones were first put in a bucket of hot, salty water to render them non-functional so they couldn't be tracked.  These were then bagged up for incineration.  He carefully checked the room, aside from his unconscious captives the room was empty.  Now came the hard part.  He rolled one of them onto a tarp and dragged them out of the maintenance hatch.  Outside there were 12 large tubes, split lengthways and open.  The inside was lined with padded foam.  He rolled her into the closest tube, secured her in place with some Velcro straps then closed the tube and rolled it to one side.  One-by-one he moved them out and packed them into a tube.  The last was beginning to come round as he packed her away, her head was moving, she was gently moaning as he secured the straps. He closed the tube just as she began to mew in fear as she became aware if her situation.


He sat down on one of the tubes, he could faintly head the mewing and struggling as more of the girls came round to find themselves naked, bound, gagged and imprisoned in darkness.  He was impressed with his handiwork, and he hoped the organisation would be too.  The tubes were lined with thick sound absorbing material to minimise any noise and stop them wriggling too much.  It would also absorb any impact from the journey.  A small battery operated fan was set into the foot area and pushed fresh air inside.  The tubes were secured horizontally together into '6-packs' with additional 'Hollywood' piping and wires to make it look like parts of a chemical plant.  He used a forklift to load them onto a truck.  He gave the room one last check before reopening the door and resealing the maintenance hatch.  He took a deep breath and made a call "Mr Wolf, it's Don Morrison; I've got some fruit samples for you… yeah 12 items, freshly picked today.  Where shall I deliver them?"  On the way he'd dropped the bagged items off in the incinerator, making sure he saw them getting thrown in before he carried on with his journey.


He drove carefully and safely to the specified location, there he picked up driver who would take them to the actual location.  They arrived at a high-security warehouse, a front business for the organisation.  The truck was driven inside where Wolf was waiting along with ten or so henchmen, a few others stood guard while others were on lookout.  The doors were sealed and Don stood with Wolf and what he assumed were his bodyguards as the others unloaded the tubes.  Tube-by-tube the girls were unpacked and thrown into a growing mass of squirming, naked bodies.  None of them knew where they were, they just knew they didn't want to be there.  One would wriggle off only to be dragged back and thrown in with the others.  The girls mewed and cried out for all they were worth; especially as unseen hands groped and molested them.

"I'm impressed Mr Morrison, you have an unexpected talent for these things."  Wolf nodded at one of the men.  The man took out a clapper; two pieces of wood hinged at one end and slapped the together hard.  The noise echoed round the room, it sounded a bit like a gunshot, enough so that the girls stopped struggling and froze.

"Right then, lie on your backs in a line, legs out straight or else!".

The terrified girls were moved and manhanded till they were all in a line, lying on their backs with their legs out straight,  Most turned their heads, cheeks red with humiliation, some were crying.

"You'll need this." Wolf handed Don a mask to hide his identity.  As soon as everyone was masked the tape was removed from their eyes>.  They blinked and squinted in the bright light.  One man went from girl to girl filming them while another took still photographs.

"What's up with those with the T on them?"

"Trouble, both tried to escape, one even took a video on her phone detailing what had happened." He saw the look in Wolf's eyes "don't worry, the area is clean.  The clothes I wore there have been destroyed; their phones were rendered useless at the scene and were incinerated in a clinical waste incinerator along with all their clothing and belongings.  All except the panties they were wearing which they're gagged with."

"Nice touch.  Andre, collar that one and that one." 

Wolf nodded at one of the men and pointed at the two girls with a T on them.  A man fetched two thick leather collars, each with a box the size of a pack of cars attached.  The two girls were wide-eyed with fear as he buckled the collars round their necks.

"Right slaves, time for the first lesson of the day."

All of the girls were hauled to their knees and made to sit on their haunches with their knees as wide as their bonds would allow.  The two with collars were sat in front of the others.  The man who had put the collars on them stood between them; a remote control in each hand.

"This is what happens to those who don't behave." He pressed the buttons.  Both girls screamed, they eyes bulged and they began to thrash about in pain as electricity coursed through their bodies.

"Who said you could move!  I'll keep doing this till you stay still!" He screamed in their ears, the girls quailed in terror, some of their team-mates turned away, refusing to watch the torture.  The man looked up "Who gave any of you permission to look away, I'll keep doing this till you are all watching as well!"

Shocking continued until everyone watched, eventually the two managed to stay still long enough to satisfy the man though one did lose control of her bladder part-way through.

"You will be punished for that later, I didn't give you permission."  He stood in front of the two "Now will you be obedient from now on, no more escape attempts?" both nodded, hanging their heads "Good, just to prove you are keeping your work, rub your faces into my crotch."  He dropped his trousers and pants "you first." He pointed at one of the two, with tears in her eyes she shuffled up, closed her eyes and began to rub her face into his genitals, whimpering as he grew harder.

"See that wasn't too bad was it."  He walked over to the other "Now lets see if you can finish the job your friend started."  With a muffled sob the other complied and began to rhythmically rub her face into him.

Another one of the men walked up and down in front of the others. "It's like this; you do what you are told, as soon as you are told to do it.  No hesitation, no matter what it is, any disobedience, even hesitation will be punished."  There was a sigh and a muffled squeal behind as the man came.  The two girls were dragged back to be with their comrades, both sagged with relief when the collars were removed.  "So any one of you feel like being clever, trying to escape?" they all shook their heads "You all going to obey from now on?"  They all nodded.  "Let's see shall we.   We'll start easy, on the count to three I want to see you shake those boobs, I want to see those puppies dance for me." He held up the two collars "you know what happens to the two of you who don't perform."

The two that had just been shocked were the quickest to comply, shaking their shoulders and bouncing up and down on their haunches.  The man with the collars walked up and down the line cheering them on, urging them to put some effort in it.  Finally he pointed to two of the girls, the ones slowest of the mark as far as Don could determine.   They were hauled out in front of their team-mates, collared and shocked while the rest were forced to watch before being returned to the line.

"Right let's take it up a notch, on the count of three you will lie on your front and stick your ass up high in the air for a sex inspection.  Slowest two get shocked.  Ready 1… 2… 3…"

There was frantic movement amongst them as they tried to comply.

Wolf put his arm round Don's shoulder and guided him out if the room "It gets a bit tedious from this point in, besides we need to talk; aside from getting Lucy returned to you your efforts here have impressed senior management..."


Wolf's plan was ingenious.  Don would remain at his current job for a while, but then join the organisation as their 'packer' providing specialist packing and shipping solutions.  He would also be the talent scout for the area, specialising in mass pick-ups.  As for Lucy, he had a plan for that too.


Lucy burst into tears when she was told her sale had gone through and she was to be shipped to her new owner.  Up to that point she had hoped that somehow things would work out and she would be reunited with Don and her family.  Now that was gone forever, but she would not go quietly into the night so attacked the moment she was freed from the box.  It wasn’t a pointless gesture; she wanted to prove to them that she hadn’t been broken by them.  Three of the guards were floored before she was subdued, forced into a heavy leather straightjacket and ankle-cuffs.  A huge ball-gag was forced into her mouth and secured with a head-harness.  This was all topped off with a posture collar after which she was bundled into a cage and carried to the loading bay.  The bay door was open; a small delivery truck was pulling up.  She was loaded on the truck and her cage secured to the floor.  Two people got into the back of the truck, doors were closed and the van sat off.  


The van rumbled on and on, Lucy began to complete the last act of defiance, suicide.  He thoughts were broken by the van screeching to a halt.  There was shouting, the men in the compartment took out concealed pistols and went outside.  Lucy cringed at the sound of sustained gunfire, a couple of rounds ricochet of the side of the van then it was quiet.  The door opened, Lucy glanced up to see two U.S. Marshals’, with weapons ready, peer inside.  One radioed for further assistance, another figure appeared, Lucy gave a muffled scream; it was Don.  Within moments Lucy was freed, a blanket thrown round her shoulder to cover her and she was ushered out of the van to a waiting SUV.  Lucy shut her eyes as they walked past the bodies of the men who had been in the van with her.  She could hear police radio chatter, make out the flashing lights for the police cars then she was inside.  The back windows were heavily tinted hiding the occupants from the outside.  Lucy dressed in the clothes provided, sweat pants and a sweatshirt then curled up in Don’s arms.  Don explained that while he was looking for her he’d encountered two federal agents investigating the gang that had kidnapped her.  The long and the short of things was that he’d been recruited by the agency, a secret branch of Homeland Security, to carry on work against the slavers.  It didn’t make a huge amount of sense but Lucy didn't care, too shaken to take it all in, all she knew was that somehow her prayers had been answered and she was back with the man she loved.  That he now had a job fighting the people who had kidnapped her was all the better and from Don’s point of view would ensure her silence as to his job.  Don looked out of the window of the SUV as it took them to an organisation safe-house for Lucy’s ‘debrief’  Everything was right in the world, especially as in a couple of months there was a cheerleading tournament scheduled to take place on campus.

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A Family Emergency

Don Morrison was sitting on the sofa, mobile phone in hand.  He got up and paced around, he was worried, very worried.  His wife, Lucy, was missing.  Something was wrong, the house didn't look right, things weren't where they should be, it was like the place had been messed up then tidied up by people who didn't know exactly where things should go.  He'd called the local police, they'd come round and had started an investigation, he'd called the local hospitals and she wasn't there.  There could be an innocent reason for this but his gut instinct told him something was wrong.  For the hundredth time that day he pressed the call button... There was a ringing noise but it wasn't the phone it was the doorbell.  He hurried to the door hoping for news, he opened the door to a man in his late middle-age, immaculately dressed in a black suit and white shirt.

"Don Morrison?  I'm Winston Wolf, I fix problems, may I come in?"

The man was already halfway through the door by the time he'd finished speaking.  He walked into the house like he owned it, Don found himself hurrying to keep up.  As soon as they had got into the kitchen the man stopped and turned to face Don.

"Now I understand that your wife Lucy has been missing for almost a day, correct?"

Don nodded "How..."

"I see and you posted pictures of her on-line a couple a weeks or so ago?"

Don clammed up, he glanced around furtively; he had a suspicion where this was heading.  It had been a bit of a dare, private kinky fun, a photoshoot for him to enjoy when he was away from home.  It was stored inside an encrypted container so should his tablet get lost or stolen the photos would remain private.  There were image of her posing in lingerie, naked, even in a leather cat-suit.  Then there were the bondage ones, she was hog-tied, frog-tied, in a cage, chained to the wall by her neck, tied spread-eagled to the bed and so on.  The prime and only condition she made was that they never ever be made public or copied from the container.


"Those pictures, they were of her in fetish clothing or naked and in various bondage positions, both before and after sex am I correct?"

He nodded and hung his head.  He'd swore on his life that he'd never post those photo's but one day he found a site… one click followed another and soon he's created a gallery with his wife as the star attraction.


"I thought it was a photo sharing site for like-minded people."

"Close, the site is a slave sharing site for like-minded people, people swap slaves some even want to be slaves for a period of time.  We cater for all tastes."

"But, there was no sign, nothing to say about swapping?" Don protested

"Normally it is an exchange site, but every month we hold an auction for 'newly acquired talent' and you uploaded the photos on auction day."

"What?  How was I supposed to know!"  Wolf held out his hands to calm him down.

"I know, that's why I'm here.  The website should not have been open to the public in that way, a most unfortunate state of affairs which has since been rectified.  If all was normal then Lucy would have been returned to you within eight hours of her collection and I would be here to discuss compensation and to arrange yours and Lucy's silence in this matter. To make sure those photographs didn't leak to a wider audience you understand."


"Well by the time this was established we already had several bids on her so she was collected this morning."



Lucy eyed the four men who suddenly entered through the patio doors.  Each was dressed head-to-toe in black and wore masks to conceal their faces, not the window cleaners she'd hoped for.  This was a burglary or worse.

"Right slave, take your clothes off and lie face down on the floor."

Worse she thought.  Lucy wasn't quailed by the intruders, she was furious. Lucy scowled at them, she could handle this, she hadn't watched every episode of Xena, seen Kill Bill twice, and watched Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon without subtitles for nothing.   She grabbed a mop handle, more Coming to America than Enter the Dragon but beggars couldn't be choosers - it would do.

She took a fighting stance and gripped the pole tightly "Make me, bitch."


Suddenly she was grabbed from behind, a hand clamped over her mouth while the other arm tried to wrestle the pole from her hands.  She drove her head back as hard as she could into the man's face causing him to lose his grip on the pole.  She moved her legs to one side then drove the pole up between his legs. She spun round, delivering a satisfying smack to the head with the mop causing her assailant to fall to the ground.  It dawned on her that she now had her back to the 4 men; she began to turn as they tacked her to the ground.  One clamped a thick leather glove over her mouth while two others held onto her arms, the last one pressed a stun-gun into her back and discharged it.  Lucy thrashed about in agony, the shocks kept coming till she gave in and stopped struggling.  Immediately the hand was removed from her mouth, before she could speak a panel gag with large leather covered sponge was forced into mouth and secured in place while her hands were forced behind her back.  She squealed into her gag as her palms were roughly twisted to face outwards then a pair of rigid handcuffs was locked tightly in place, moments later another set was locked on her ankles.  The four men held Lucy down as they turned their attention to their fallen comrade.

"And relax, you ok man?"

"Yep, always wear a box on jobs like this.  Still the jokes on me."  He went over and faced Lucy "Now I'm a professional, I'm not going to punish you for that, it was a good hit, but I am going to put this on you."  He produced a hinged metal collar with D rings set a various places, from one hung a tag with 2212 on it.

"Nuuh, huug!" Lucy wriggled and squirmed as he went to put it on her, he nodded to one of the other "Uuugh!" one of them forced Lucy's ankles up to meet her wrists while another joined them together with another set of handcuffs putting her into a strict hogtie.

"But from this point in any resistance will be met with punishment." He placed the collar around her neck and fixed it into place with an Allen key.  He held the stun gun in front of her face and activated.  "Now do you have any objections to us cutting your clothes off?"  Lucy shook her head, her eyes fixated on the device.  Using EMS scissors the team efficiently dissected her cloths from her.  Not wanting to be cut Lucy stayed motionless.  She shivered as air flowed over her skin when the clothes were pulled off.

"Good girl, now then roll over and show us everything so we can take some photos of you."

"Nuuuhh!" Lucy shook  her head.  He put a piece of cloth over the stun gun pressed it into her side and gave the trigger a quick squeeze.


"Wrong answer, I dunno perhaps you like it," he gave her another zap "Now you going to roll over or shall we take this baby up a notch?"

Lucy's eyes welled up; she nodded and began to rock from side-to-side in an attempt to comply.  Finally she managed to twist and wriggle herself onto her side.  She closed her eyes and pointed her face to the ground at the humiliation of being forced to expose herself.

"Smile for the camera!" One of them grabbed her hair, forcing her to face the camera; another opened her legs as far as they would go while the other continued to take photographs from all angles.

"Good." The photographer put the camera away and took out a box the size of a mobile phone.  It opened to reveal a pre-filled syringe.  Lucy began to struggle and make pleading noises through her gag as he brought the needle closer.  She wailed as he injected her, the world rapidly list focus, just as she passed out he whispered in her ear.

"Now after a nice sleep you'll wake up in a whole new world, slave."


"So, where is she now?"

"She's currently being enrolled at our training facility."



Lucy was still naked with her hands and feet in handcuffs.  A chain leash has been secured to her collar while her gag hung loose around her neck.  She was on her knees, the chain was being pulled by one of her captors he was naked except for a mask on his face.  Stacked around the room were small cages, all but one contained a naked woman, each secured and collared like Lucy.  They were on their knees and folded at the waist with their breasts pressed against their knees. Each cage had a number in a slot in the door matching the collar number.   Walking between the cages was another man in a smart business suit; he was working on an iPad checking through the current stock.  The were muffled grunts and groans as the women tried to move and struggle in their tiny prisons.  There was the odd muffled squeal or sob as the man reached through the cages to 'check' the quality.

The naked man slapped Lucy round the face with his erection.

"You stuck-up bitch, you're gonna suck me or I'll find another hole to use."

"Muuuuh!" Lucy squealed as he pressed himself against her closed lips, she twisted her wrists trying to pull them out of the handcuffs.

"Time to take the back door then!" He pushed her to the ground.

The other man looked up from his iPad and shook his head.


"But, I, I want her back.  She wasn't for sale!" Don protested.

"I understand, we have several ways of dealing with problems, we can simply say that they were outbid by a higher sealed bid, you have $50,000 on you?"


"There is another way, our merchandise specialist in this area sadly departed this world recently in an unfortunate accident so there is an opening…"

"Opening?  You mean I'd…"

"We pay $5000 per item plus a 5% profit share on each sale.  It doesn't take too much math to work out that you could soon get that money."

"I don't have a choice do I?"

"Well you do, we can proceed with the sale, transfer the funds to you and arrange a cover story."

"No, I'll do it."

"Ok, I'll make a call." Winston took out his phone "Mr Harmsworth this is Wolf; lot 2212 is to go into long term storage, now.  Tell Granger, hands off."


The main with the suit took out his phone and walked into a corner "Hello?"

"Get that ass in the air slave!" the other forced Lucy's backside in the air then got behind her and parted her ass cheeks to reveal her rosebud.

"No, please, not there!  I'll do it, I'll suck you!" Lucy begged.

"Oh sure you will, but only after I'm finished here." 

"NO!" Lucy screamed as she felt the tip of his cock press hard against her anus.

"Wolf's just been on the phone, hands off; she's got to go into storage." The suited man walked up to the naked man and put his hand on his shoulder.

"Damn it!" He pushed Lucy to the floor again.

"Hey, you want to argue with the Wolf, go right ahead buddy it's your funeral."

"Yeah, no, I'm good." The man deflated, Lucy wondered who this 'Wolf' person was but for now she was grateful. 

"Ahhh!" Lucy cried out as she was dragged to her feet.

"What sort of storage? We talking foundations here?" Lucy's stomach turned to ice.

"No, long term, there's a problem with the bid, some sort of dispute.  She's to be held until that's all sorted out."

"Oh the box, man we haven't used that in a while."

The other nodded "Good times my friend, good times."


Lucy was regagged and forced back into her cage then a sign attached to the cage door.  The suited man looked at his watch "Get dressed, it's coffee time, we gotta hurry, it's Brendan's birthday today so his wife made some cake."

"Ah man this day just gets better."  The other quickly dressed and hopped off after his colleague while trying to put his shoes on.  Lucy stared at the floor, like most of the others she didn't struggle much.  Firstly there wasn't room and secondly there wasn't any point, it was best to conserve your energy for later.


 Their hearts sank when the door opened and people walked in.  Lucy couldn't believe her eyes, some of them were women!  They all wore masks but she could tell from the shape of their bodies and how they walked.  One of the women coughed to get their attention.

"Right we know this is all new to you so were going to take you to our training centre where you will learn how to be good little slaves.  We've an intensive course of sex techniques, bondage and obedience training for starters followed by specific training requested by your new owners."

The masked figure leant down in front of the cage next to Lucy, it's occupant was a plump olive skinned girl, no more than 19 or 20 by the looks of her, she had long black hair which was tied into a ponytail.  She tried to look away but the woman reached in forced her to look up. 

"Now you, little piggy are going to be trained to be a pet, an obedient little puppy or perhaps a real piggy.  All wrapped up in tight latex, your own bowl or trough to ear out of and a very strict new owner to please."

Next she went to the cage opposite Lucy, inside was a small woman with a Rubenesque figure.  She wore thick glasses and had a bow in her short auburn hair.  She'd been one of the few who'd tried to struggle free when the men had left.

"And for you dear, you will be trained to become a pain-slut.  You'll be put into prolonged predicament bondage, to be humiliated, degraded, beaten, and trained to enjoy every second of it."

The woman shook her head, tears rolling down her cheeks.

She went from cage to cage telling each of them their fate, a couple were to become human ponies, a few were to be tie-up toys, but most were to be simple sex-slaves, all reacted with distress at the news nut the one who was to be trained as a human toilet nearly threw-up despite her gag.  Then the woman turned her attention to Lucy.

"As for you 2212, you go into storage, but don't expect an easy ride; you've still got to earn your keep."  The woman looked up "Ok people, let’s load up and get going."


The cages were carried out into a loading dock and lined up near the doo, Lucy's shivered as she was moved into the unheated area.  The loading door opened to reveal the open doors of a truck as it pulled up to the dock.   Lucy was the first to be moved, he cage was secured to the floor to the truck then others loaded in all facing the same way.  As soon as the first layer was down a second layer was put in like the first but facing the opposite direction, then another, and another.  Finally it was done, Lucy could just about hear the woman speaking.

"Right slaves, it's a long drive but no comfort stops for you so if you need to go, go.  You'll be hosed down when we arrive.  This compartment is soundproof so don't bother, but feel free, the sound turns me on."

With that darkness as the doors were closed.  Moments later she felt the engine rattle into life.  As the truck moved panic spread through the cages.  Even Lucy gave in, struggling and mewing as much as she could.  Eventually exhaustion and resignation took over, the silence only broken by the humiliated sob as some had to relive themselves, and grunts of protest from those in the cages below, including Lucy.


Don knew whatever the cause he had to keep up a façade of normality.  He decided that if anyone asked where she was he'd say that she'd had to travel to deal with a family emergency.  He got into his car, waved at some neighbours and went grocery shopping.


Lucy waited in her cage and shivered, the water they'd use to wash them down was ice cold.  One by one the other cages were removed.  Finally it was her turn; her cage was hauled out, put onto a cart and wheeled inside via a set of garage doors.  From what she could see it the building looked like some kind of mansion or spa centre.  She was carried down a corridor with rooms coming off on either side.

"These are the classrooms..." they went past one room; there was a sound of multiple smacking noises followed by a chorus of "22… thank you master, please punish me again!  23…"

They passed a set of heavier doors.

"These are our dungeons, we also offer lessons to new masters and mistresses on how to use the equipment.  If your sale doesn't go through you'll remain here as a training aid."

Just ahead was a set of lift doors with a couple of guards either side.  One used a key to unlock a panel and summon the lift.

"Where to?"

"Confinement level, long term storage."

They rode is silence as the lift descended.  It was a brief trip, two no more than three floor down.  There were more guards when they got out, they were busy manhandling a woman into a cell, she was resisting, shaking her head.  Lucy caught sight of her eyes, the fear was obvious.  A thick leather hood was forced over her head; everything was then buckled in tight and padlocked.  She was thrown to the floor; she felt the hood trying to remove it.  She went on her knees, begging for mercy.  Lucy couldn't make out much, it sounded like she was saying she'd eat it all and more.  The guards ignored her please as they pulled her up and forced her inside.  Lucy could hear the rattle of chains then silence; the guards walked out turned out the light and locked the door behind them.  Lucy could just make out a muffled sobbing noise from the other side if the door.

"Punishment cells, most slaves end up here, once.  Even toilet and pain sluts eventually learn that there are worse things to go through than what they have been purchased for.  Training aids start here."


As they walked along Lucy could see rows of cell, behind some she could make out the sound of screaming and hysterics, others just silence, those were the ones she was the most disturbed by.  They walked through another door into another brightly lit area lined with heavy-duty shelving with plastic boxes on top.  It looked just like a regular storage area, it was busy as people picked and returned items.  In the centre was a large box made out of wood with the metal reinforcement along the edge.  It came up to mid torso and looked like it was about five feet wide on each side.  On the side she could see there was a hole in the middle about the size of an apple a few inches below the top.   Lucy's cage was put down, the door unlocked and she was dragged out.  Lucy squealed in pain as she unfolded.  Her legs were a mass of painful pins and needles as the blood returned. 

"Don't speak." She was ordered as one of them removed her gag. Two pet bowls were placed in front of her, one with some unpleasant looking mush, the other water.  Lucy thought about what she'd just seen and got down to try to eat and drink without her hands.

"Welcome to long term storage 2212.  The side of the box was removed.  Inside was wood painted white with each of the sides had an identical hole in it.  The floor was tiled, in one corner was a grilled hole; in the centre was a pain of ankle shackles attached to a ring set in the floor.  Lucy was pushed inside and her ankles secured.  The open side was brought over ready to close her in.

"Please, no!" Lucy held out her hand, finally finding her voice, she shook her head, tears welled up in her eyes.

"Why the fuss, you got it easy, the last occupants had it much worse."

"Occupants?"  Lucy wondered, there was barely room for her in there.

"Two female FBI agents got a little too curious for their own good.  They spent over a fortnight in there before they agreed to train for their new careers as pain-sluts."

"Two, two weeks, in this little box?"

"Oh yes, they were naked, like you, had their ankles chained to that ring on the floor like you, but they had their hands chained to their waist.  They had to earn everything, you're lucky; your hands are free, just as are your first couple of days here."  He threw in a pack of baby wet-wipes just as the door was sealed shut.

"What do you mean earn?"  Lucy shouted through the hole.  An erect penis was shoved through the hole almost into her mouth; she shrunk back, crying out in alarm.

"I'm certain we can come to some arrangement."  There was laughter around her.

"OK everyone fun's over back to work." Someone called out.  There were a few moans and complaints, Lucy heard the crowd around the box disperse and return to work leaving her alone in the semi-darkness.

Tried the holy trinity of beverages today - a beer that also includes coffee and chocolate.


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