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Slaves for Sale by night-glare

Sky at Night  

Shaggy awoke at the sound of movement, he looked round to see Velma sitting up with a silk and a fur draped around her shoulders for warmth.  She was staring out the bars gazing at the night sky, oblivious to her surroundings.
“Vel?  You need to rest.”
“So do you Shag.  But nothing beats naked eye astronomy in real darkness.”
Shaggy smiled “Nothing beats a tired Dinkley getting the rest she needs.  No worries for me Vel, me and Scoob are taking turns driving.  Scoob's sleeping on top of the cage right now."
“Do you know where you are going?  More to the point does our animal know, you were asleep at the reins y'know." Velma moved forward and knelt on a cushion at the front of the cage next to Shaggy.
“Like yes and no.  I don’t know how I know but I know.” Velma nodded. 
“We didn’t recognise the language the sign or the book was written in, we could still read it.  We don't know the languages we heard in the marked but could understand most of them.”  Velma paused “I wonder where we are?  I know where we are, but where in the universe we are, I don’t recognise any of these stars.  Oh I know their names and constellations here but don’t recognise them.  I wish I had a pulsar map; that would be a clue.”
“We’re not in Kansas anymore that’s for sure.”
Velma smiled “No, but we’re all together.”
But Fred and Daph?”
“Shag, how can I put this, in a situation like this, you and Scoob are the best to be with.  Only you two could have made the exit from the city like that, in plain sight and nobody noticing.”
The pair talked for a while till Shaggy noticed he was doing all the talking.  He turned to see that Velma had fallen asleep against the bars.  He stopped the beast so he could open up the cage and lay Velma safely down.  He studied her face; she always looked so peaceful when asleep.  Her naked body so inviting in the starlight; he covered her up before he succumbed to temptation.  He died a little inside when he locked the cage, but he knew Velma would expect nothing less of him.  He took the opportunity to feed and water their beast, and try to think of a name for it.  Shaggy looked back at the cage and wondered how long they could keep this up before being rumbled.  It was a little bit like the movie they were supposed to be making and in a way they were still acting a part in it.  They needed to act like their lives depended on it, because in a very real sense they did.  It was of little comfort.  Shaggy climbed back on board and handed the reins to Scooby then closed his eyes; he was finding this 'owner' role a difficult one to play whereas the sisters seemed to be settling into their roles quite well.
Shaggy awoke as the sky began to lighten and his stomach rumble, he started to prepare for the morning meal as soon as they found a suitable place to stop.  He wanted to surprise the sisters with breakfast in bed.  He turned to see how they were doing, both were still deeply asleep which was good, he wanted them to be fully rested after their exertions the previous day.  The sisters awoke to the smell of food and to find the cart stationary with the cage door propped open.  Shaggy and Scooby walked up to them carrying some bowls and a wineskin.
"Oh jinkes not more wine," Velma pulled a fur over her head.
"No worries Vel this is beer.  Like eat up girls, we need to make the Albhar cliffs before it gets too hot."  Shaggy placed the bowls of food on the cage floor then passed up the wineskin.  The girls looked at the food; whatever it was there was a lot of it for each of them, Shaggy had seen the meagre food they had been given in the city and was determined that they would eat at least as well as him if not better.  Velma picked up a bowl to look at the food, it appeared to be some kind of porridge with bits of meat and fruit mixed in with it, she sniffed it, there was a faint hint of spice "like trust me it tastes better than it looks."
"That's not hard," Velma smiled "doesn't smell too bad, like cinnamon and nutmeg."
"The what cliffs?" said Madelyn as she picked up her bowl.
"Like it's on the map that Scooby got."  Shaggy pulled a scroll from a pouch on the side of the cart, Velma emerged from under the fur and sat cross legged by the cage door while Madelyn knelt next her.  Both put furs about themselves and ate as he explained the map.  Shaggy kept looking at the sisters, they wore furs were for warmth, not to cover themselves up from his gaze.
"Like here's Sor-Su, these are the meditation cliffs we told everyone we were heading for.  We're about here and a couple of hours journey away are the Albahar cliffs.  The map says they are a sheltered resting place for travellers, cable, en-suite…"
"Cable?  What are we waiting for!" exclaimed Madelyn.
"Like shush, Norm's resting."
"Norm?" said Velma.
"Yeah, well we needed a name for our engine," Shaggy pointed to their beast which was currently being fed by Scooby "and me and Scoob picked on Norm."
Madelyn studied the beast; she stroked her chin "Doesn't look like a Norm."
As soon as everyone was fed and watered they travelled towards the cliffs.  The mood was lighter than yesterday, warm food, the beer and a good night's sleep had lifted everyone's morale.  The further they got from the city the safer they felt. It was almost a holiday feeling amongst them, the cage door was tied open while furs draped from the top for some shade.  Shaggy climbed on the cage roof to see if they were being followed while the sisters drove and Scooby slept, the happy sounds from below were music to his ears.
"Like all clear from behind."  Shaggy climbed down after about ten minutes "Nothing but a couple of birds in the sky and something that looked a bit like a goat."
In lieu of a camera Scooby did some quick sketches of them as they travelled while Madelyn drew some of him.  Scooby sat on the back of Norm and drew a 'holiday snap' of Shaggy and the sisters as they drove along.  Shaggy sat in the middle with the still nude Velma and Madelyn either side of him.  He placed his arms around their waits and they rested against him.
"Make it quick Scooby we can't hold this pose forever," said Madelyn.
"Ray reeze!"
By the time they reached the cliffs Madelyn and Velma had covered up to protect themselves from the sun.  It was approaching midday and the temperature was rapidly rising.
"And relax," said Shaggy as they entered the shade.  Everyone, including Norm breathed a sigh of relief.
They set-up camp in one of the shallow caves set in the cliff face, safe from the heat of the day.  It was next to a small spring which Norm immediately monopolised.  As the map said they weren't the first people to stop here, there were remains of previous campsites and drawings on the rock wall.  Some were messages to fellow travellers, some for a specific traveller, others just drawn for entertainment.
"Like we should get you out of those chains, we've no one to pretend too here," said Shaggy as he helped the sisters down from the wagon.
"You first Madds, I'll help the boys."
"I am an escapologist Vel," Madelyn spoke with professional pride "and a good one at that."
"Like give it your best shot Madds."
Half an hour later Madelyn had to admit defeat.
"I don't get it, this should be easy for me to do, but it just won't let me."
Velma clicked her fingers "Jinkies Maddy that's it, you've hit the nail on the head, it won't let us remove them, but I bet it will let our master removed them." Velma leant against Shaggy, looked into his eyes and fluttered her eyelashes at him "please, oh please, oh please, oh pleeeeeeeeease!" while Madelyn and Scooby sniggered.
"Emm like how, Scoob did we get any keys?"  Shaggy patted down his robe, nightmares of keys lost returned to haunt him.  The sisters looked at each other; Madelyn put her head in her hands while Velma closed her eyes and sighed.
"Rope, ron't rink ro." Scooby got his best lock picking claw ready.  They all studied Madelyn's shackles but couldn't find a key hole.
"Hmm there is a line here and on the opposite side of this cuff and the others so like they must have been joined together somehow." Shaggy turned Madelyn's wrist slowly around.  Velma nodded, they were making progress.
"The chains don't look like they were built in, Scooby?"  Velma pointed to a place where the chain joined the shackle.
"Rime ron rit," he cracked his paws "rand rack reveryone."
Scooby set to work with the claw; soon the first of the chains fell to the floor.
"Like I see how they work Scoob, I'll start on Maddy's ankles."
A few minutes later both sisters were free of the chains.
"Perhaps if I just press and hold the spot where the chain joined... Ah-ha!"  the cuff came away from Madelyn's wrist.  They all grinned at each other, the cuffs quickly joined the pile of chains on the floor, the only thing Shaggy couldn't remove was their collars but that mattered little.
"Finally!" Madelyn flung her arms open, together she and Velma and hugged Scooby then Shaggy.  Both sisters squeezed Shaggy's backside affectionately and nestled into him.  He gently stroked their backs, neither seemed to mind when his hands strayed onto their backsides.
"Hmmm, I wonder," Velma picked up one of the cuffs and decided to do some experimenting, she soon found that there were numerous attachment points for the chains on their collars and found she could reapply her and Madelyn's slave sets however she wished, even locking her wrists in Madelyn's set and Madelyn in hers effectively joining them together.  But only Shaggy and Scooby could remove them.
"Like funtime's over Vel, it's lunchtime."
While Shaggy and Scooby started to prepare the midday meal the sisters put their slave-sets away before going to help with the meal.  Velma was talking about the sets, speculating on their embedded technology whereas Madelyn was quiet, consumed by her thoughts.
"So we can put these on but only Shaggy can remove them, clever, very clever," said Velma as they stowed the chains and cuffs in separate sacks in the back of the wagon.
"Just think, we could be joined back-to-back with these, on show to Shaggy..." Madelyn spoke softly to Velma reddening as she did.
"Mmmm I am thinking, oh jinkies I am so thinking that now," Velma signed "what is going on with our heads?"
"It must be that pleasure thing."
"I thought that was there to just make us 'enjoy' obeying him.  Works too well but..." The sisters shared a look.
"We've both loved him, and we still do."
"Yeah, we, we were close to getting back together I think, you were off at college..."
"I guessed as much, we've both stood  aside for each other..."
"But here we don't have too, do we?" Velma whispered.
Madelyn nodded "Perhaps we can find a way to make this 'slave' thing work to our advantage." They both turned around and looked at Shaggy.
"Ours?" said Madelyn, Velma nodded in agreement.
"Ours."  The sisters whispered to each other, discussing where they went from here.
After the meal Norm rested while Madelyn and Shaggy made some bikini-like clothes and Velma threw a stick for Scooby to catch.  Shaggy thoughts were of happy times, it was almost like a family picnic.  The only cloud on the horizon was the possible pursuit by an evil empire with near unlimited resources but if he just focused on the here and now they couldn't be happier.  He reflected on what Velma had said last night, that he and Scooby were the best to be with.  The same could be said about the sisters.  Daphne would be too in your face, she would stand-up, confront the status quo and soon loose.  He was in no doubt about how the sister's viewed their status here but their approach was very different, whereas Daphne would be the warrior, the Dinkley's were assassins.  True to form Madelyn and Velma went about studying the various camps trying to figure out the last time this place had been used and picking up anything they thought would enhance their 'authenticity' as residents of the place.  They studied all the writings on the wall but didn't add anything not wanting to leave too many clues behind.  While this was going on Shaggy and Scooby practiced their monk skills, trying to find out what powers they had acquired in their journey through the portal. 
As the afternoon arrived they began to get ready to leave as Shaggy wanted to arrive at their destination before nightfall.  Each set about their task.  Scooby made sure Norm was fully watered, Shaggy helped Velma stow the supplies while Madelyn cleared away the remains of their camp.  When the goods were stowed Shaggy left to help Madelyn.  Velma hung back behind the cart.  Shaggy returned to find her holding onto a long piece of rope running from the cart which she had wrapped around her wrists.  Velma went bright red when Shaggy appeared and wriggled her wrists out of the rope.
"I, I, ahhhh, got stuck?" Shaggy raised an eyebrow and gave a smile, Velma spoke quietly "I, I was wondering."
"Vel, what were you wondering, oh I remember now."  Shaggy smiled, for once he knew exactly what was going in behind those glasses.  Without a word he held Velma's wrists together in front of her and began to bind them tightly together.
"What are you doing Shaggy?"
"Like, what you were just wondering about.  You mentioned it to me one night, about being pulled behind a wagon to my pleasure palace." Velma bit her bottom lip and blushed while Shaggy secured the remaining rope to the back of the cart, the knots at each end out of her reach.
"Vel, I know you've got this as a fantasy..."
Velma kissed him on the cheek "I trust you Shag.  Sometimes fantasies aren't to bad in reality." Velma looked at the caravan and her practical mind took over, "But this could slow..." She sighed.
"Uh, uh uh."  He playfully wagged his finger at her and placed it on her lip "Master's treat."
He pulled out a square of cloth, rolled it into a ball and gently pushed it into her mouth.  He took out a strip of cloth and tied a snug cleave gag to hold the cloth in place then took her glasses off and tied a strip of cloth over her eyes as much to protect them from the sand as it was a blindfold.   Velma purred happily as the pleasure system applied its own special sauce to her already excited state.
"And as it's my treat..."
His hand slowly traced the outline of her breast through the material of the top, her nipples instantly hardened. Her body felt alive, but this time the pleasure system didn't have much work to do.  Velma's hands reached inside his robe as he caressed her breasts, she gripped harder as his hand went lower.  A few minutes later they rested against each other breathing deeply.
"We'll go slow and gentle, holler if anything goes wrong."  Shaggy whispered in Velma's ear, she nodded.  She shivered slightly.
"Cold?"  Velma shook her head.
"Well as you're not cold," he whispered, gently nibbling her ear, in a flash he removed her clothes "There, that's what a true pleasure slave should be wearing."
Velma let out a soft moan, a mixture of delicious humiliation, arousal and pleasure.
"Like, em, ready to go?" Shaggy climbed onto the cart, Scooby flicked the reigns and Norm set off at a slow pace.  Shaggy sat down, hoping that Madelyn wouldn't ask about what had just happened.  He hoped that by the time they got to their destination he'd have an explanation as to why Velma was the way she was.  The next he knew Madelyn had kissed him on the lips.
"That was really kind of you Shag.  Vel rarely gives in to her fantasies."
"Like, you..."
"Velma told me ages ago, and mentioned it just now.  I don't mind... And I know Velma won't mind about this..."
Madelyn pushed Shaggy backwards, he lay back into the cage.  She straddled his hips, pulled her top off and started to run her hands over his torso.
"Sisters share, understand?"

Home from Home

While Shaggy and Madelyn were engaged in a serious make-out session Velma was deep into her own fantasy, the constant tugging of the rope meant she was unable to get the release she craved, just as she'd hoped.  After an hour or so they stopped near a small stream to fill up Norm, Shaggy went back to free  Velma guessing she's had enough, he didn't want her fantasy to turn into torture. He freed her hands then headed back to the front.  A short while later there came a muffled 'jinkies' from the back of the caravan, a heavy-legged Velma slowly appeared.  They helped her up onto the wagon; she crawled into the open cage, covered herself up in a fur and fell asleep.  Velma finally awoke and joined the others at the front.  She snuggled into Shaggy while Madelyn drove and Scooby dozed.
"Good?" Asked Madelyn.
"Better," Velma gave Shaggy a kiss on the cheek "must do it again, I've ideas for later."
"Any involve me?" Madelyn looked at her sister.
"Maybe, but only if you wanted," Velma blushed slightly.
"Like, you just have to ask Vel, as long as it doesn't involve me singing."
"None of my fantasies have ever involved you singing," said Velma.
"Same here," agreed Madelyn.
It was late evening when their destination came into view.  It was a squat, two story sandstone building with taller turret-like structures at each corner,  It vaguely resembled a fort or castle but lacked the crenellations necessary for defence. Shuttered windows dotted the upper story while two heavy doors guarded the front.
"What is this place?" Madelyn asked while Velma jumped down to examine the doors.
"Ray roint.," Scooby jumped down next to Velma.
"A way-point?"
"Yeah like the monastic order I belong to has these dotted about the place."
"That's handy, anyone at home?" Said Velma.
"Nope, this is a bit off the beaten track."
Together he and Scooby pushed the doors open.
"Welcome home ladies."
They walked through the open door into an enclosed courtyard with a large, but empty, fountain in the middle.  A columned walkway ran around the outside of the courtyard.
"Nice," said Velma.
"Needs dusting," Madelyn touched a column then looked at her fingers.
"That's why we're here, like this place hasn't been used for ages.  People from the local town come and maintain it once a year or so, part of their service to Lord Z."
"Charming, well let's get settled in," said Velma.
The first things the sisters dud was to sort out some simple toga like clothes, secured round the waist by a leather belt.  Shaggy went for a similar style but with some baggy trousers as he said he missed having pockets.
"Hammer pants, oh the 80's how I've missed you so," said Velma.
"You can't touch this..."
"Do-do-do-do, do-do, do-do, you can't touch this..."
Velma and Madelyn danced out of courtyard as they sang.
"Like what happened there Scoob?"
"Ri ron't want ro row," Scooby hid behind Shaggy's legs.
Aside from being dusty the place was in good order.  After stabling Norm, Madelyn and Scooby found the controls that fed water into the fountain plus provided the building with a secure supply of drinking water.  They set to flushing out the pipes then filling up the water storage jars and damping down the dust in the courtyard.  Madelyn determined from the pipework that the water came from an aquifer, which would also explain the streams they had seen.  Shaggy explored the ground level; here were the sleeping quarters, a dining hall, a kitchen and various store rooms.  He made a careful search of the areas they would be living in for creep-crawlies and the like as well as opening all the windows to air the rooms.  Velma explored the upper level doing the same as Shaggy.  Whereas all Shaggy had a view of was the courtyard Velma could look out onto the surrounding landscape.  As she worked through the rooms she had a growing sense of disquiet which she couldn't place.  Brushing it aside she pressed on and found a library, a couple of small studies, what looked like a lecture room, and a numerous workshops.  To her mind this place was more of a laboratory or research establishment than a monastic retreat.  Behind a workbench in one of the workshops she found a concealed door.  She carefully opened the door to reveal a set of stairs going down; they didn't join any of the downstairs room so she assumed they went directly to a basement of some kind.  Ever curious she lit a torch and went down.
At the bottom of the stairs was another door, it was open though there were bolts to secure the door if desired.  Beyond was a long corridor with deep alcoves and sockets on the wall for torches, there was a musty smell, not unpleasant, but it was clear the place hadn't been open for a while.  Each alcove was secured behind bars, a little like the cell she'd built in her basement but here the bars were made of metal not cardboard tubes.  Velma walked into one of the cells; it was bare aside from the remains of some straw-like material on the floor, there were some metal fasteners set into the wall but it was unclear what their purpose was.  It was possible that it was slave quarters but given the location of the door that was unlikely.  It was possible this was secure storage for valuable or dangerous materials.  She checked another of the cells; this contained empty shelving which would validate her storage theory.  Despite having been in places like this before she had an uneasy sensation she'd been here before.  She ventured deeper.  There were faint chinks of light from above; it looked like an old ventilation system which had got blocked over time.  At the far end of the corridor there were some genuine cells designed to hold someone very securely.  Each was a small cramped room with shackles on the far wall for a victim's neck, waist, wrists, elbows, knees and ankles.  The furthest of the cells was unusual, the door looked had been broken from the inside.  She studied the door, there was a name scratched on it, she brushed away the dust to get a better view, 'Boobella' - it was her name.  The torch began to flicker, Velma feared the oxygen was running low; she took a deep breath and headed for the exit…
Suddenly there were torches set in the walls, before she could make sense of things she was surrounded by soldiers, there were forcing her down the corridor towards the far cell.  The pushed her inside, slamming her against the wall and knocking the breath out of her.  They were chaining her to the wall, tearing at her clothes, stripping her, molesting her then leaving her.  She stood there for hours before another soul appeared.  Days went by guards and monks came in and experimented on her, she could her slave brothers and sisters being tortured or taken upstarts to be experimented on but she was kept down below.  The monks were crueller than the guards; they implanted devices in her, gave her drugs and tried to drive her mad.  Their purpose was to turn her into the ultimate warrior, a mindless servant of Lord Zarquad, the perfect killing machine.   Soon only her and Buttockzina were left alive, the other had either died from the experiments or in resisting the guards.  Many of the guards and some of the monks bore the scars of their resistance.  This only amplified the cruelty of the survivors; the monks would have fallen on her and Buttockzina like a pack of animals but for one of their number.   All the monks were cruel, all bar one; a tall, lanky monk with a long face, a gentle voice and kind eyes.  Even there he melted her heart; he gave her food, taught her how to resist their mind-control attempts, one day he came and said she was ready, she nodded in understanding.  Later that day they came to free her, evidently they wanted some 'entertainment'.  Within ten minutes everyone in the building was dead by her hand.  She freed Buttockzina, together they sacked the place for supplied, destroying what they could find of the research material.  They searched the place high and low for the kind monk, for he had shown the same kindness to Buttockzina as he had Boobella, but he had gone.  They did find a note from him saying that they would meet again.
"Velma!" Shaggy shouted.
"Pflagh!" Velma sat up with a start; Madelyn had just thrown a bucket of cold water over her.
"Emm I said a glass of water," said Shaggy wringing out his robe.
"Sorry, couldn’t find a glass, just a bucket."
Scooby hurried in carrying another bucket of water in her mouth.
"I'm awake I'm.." Scooby threw the bucket of water over Velma "Awake.  A bit cold for a wet toga contest isn't it?" Velma wiped her glasses with the driest part of her robe.
"Like we found you unconscious at the bottom of those stairs."
"I must have passed out, I had a horrible dream, but it was so real.  I was Boobella, I was chained up down there, experimented on."
"Like Velma, it's all ok, it was just a dream."
"I, I don't know, Mads was there, and, and you, you were the monk that was kind, who gave me strength
"Well the room smells funny, it looks like there are some air vents that have got clogged up so we should get them cleared before we go back down again.  There may be some form of hallucinogenic gas seeping in but…" Madelyn spoke then paused "but it really gives me the creeps, I don't like it."
"Yeah, it we leave the door open then that should help.  I think I'll go and lie in the sun to warm up and dry off."  Velma got to her feet and headed for the courtyard.
"Like me too."
"Breaktime Scooby," said Madelyn Scooby nodded and followed the others.
They hung around in the courtyard while Velma dried in the sun.
"So how long before we need to go for more supplies?" Said Madelyn.
"A couple of days, we'll need food for the trip as it's about a day there."
"So we need to stay overnight." Velma furrowed her brow "suppose it had to happen at some point.  Does your order permit the owning of pleasure slaves?"
"Like, yeah, but why?"
"We can all stay together.  I do not want us to be separated, especially in a small town.  We don't know enough on how to behave or what protection Madds and I will have by ourselves."
"Like can we check in the library here?"
"Worth a go," said Madelyn.
"Yeah, but like before we go into town I need to put some ownership marks on you both. That's what the patrol leader was talking about." 
"I'm going to regret this but where?  We've already been tattooed," said Velma.
"Like as a minimum they need to be on each buttock cheek."
"And as a maximum?" Said Madelyn.
"Umm," Shaggy studied one of the scrolls the patrol leader had given him "well..."
"Just spit it out Shag, it's not going to be anything but degrading," said Velma.
Shaggy sighed "Spot on Vel, under each breast and..."
"Like, down there," Shaggy pointed towards his groin, both sisters crossed their legs.
"How?" Said Madelyn in a strained voice.
"Branding or tattoos but no way,"  Shaggy shook his head.
“How then?”
Scooby reached into his robe and pulled out some pens “Ragic rarkers.”
"Magic markers, seriously?" said Velma.
"Look it's easy we just put soot on the branding irons to mark out what to draw and I draw it."
"No time like the present," said Velma.
It took a bit of time to get everything ready, Shaggy and Scooby made a fire while Madelyn and Velma sorted out a bedroom, beds and bedding, all tasks they needed to do in any case.  Shaggy came into the room carrying the markers, branding irons and some soot in a bowl. 
"Like you ready for this?  Like great job on the room girls."  The place looked ready to move in, he raised an eyebrow that in the centre was a large bed made out of three single beds joined together.
Madelyn and Velma nodded, took off their togas and lay face-down on the bed.  Shaggy carefully worked soot into a branding iron.  He kept touching the iron to make sure it was cold.
"Like stay still Madds," Shaggy pressed the iron gently onto her left buttock, he re applied some soot and repeated the process on the right, that done he did the same to Velma.
"And breathe," the sisters let out a sigh.
Scooby brought in a tray of food for the sisters, then one for Shaggy and another for himself.  Shaggy carefully drew the outlines then filled them in.  He moved from Dinkley buttock to Dinkley buttock drawing the marks on outside cheeks then sat between them to do the others.  He focused on the taks at hand knowing how important it was for all their sakes.
“Don’t rush Shag, these marzipan stuffed alien fig things are great,” said Madelyn.
“Mmmmmm lemon sherbet drink, sort of.  Careful Shag that that tickles,” said Velma.
 “Right that’ll pass a routine inspection but not up close.  These are ‘permanent’ markers but they’ll fade over time.”
"I don't mind," said Madelyn.
Shaggy delivered a playful slap to their backsides and ran out of the room with the sisters in hot pursuit
“Like Scoob help me!”
“Ro ray, rou rare ron rour rown.”  Scooby wandered off to find a warm place in the sun to lye down, this was one fight he wasn't going to get involved in.
The sisters easily overtook Shaggy and pressed him against a wall; he slipped his arms round their waists and held them close.
“Like I just needed to check that you were still under the spell of my masterful masterosity.”
"Oh Shaggy, if we have to have a master then I," Velma glanced at Madelyn who nodded "no we wouldn't have any master but you."
"Heh, and as for slaves, well you two are the only slaves I've ever wanted."
Velma went up on tip-toe and locked lips with Shaggy and a deep, passionate kiss, as soon as she was finished Madelyn took over.  Their hands explored his body as he did likewise, the sisters paused and stepped down.
"There's another ownership mark we want Shag, your personal mark," said Madelyn coyly.
"Deep inside of us, both of us.  Make us yours the only way you know how." Velma said seductively.
Both sisters slowly advanced on Shaggy, gently guiding him back into the bedroom.
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Many thanks.  We must do this again sometime.
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I'll let you know when I can do another art trade. Hopefully it will be sometime soon.
vladen13 Featured By Owner May 25, 2014
Thanks for this old school Sweet Polly peril fave!
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